It’s Finally Here: Learning the Ropes!

It’s been a long wait but finally it’s here… Book Two of Pony Tales, Learning the Ropes has arrived.

Trots around the house in glee for the next few hours:


In Book Two of Pony Tales, Jenny finds herself in the capable hands of Mark, her guide and tormentor for the day. She becomes accomplished in the art of crawling, gets an eye-opening tour of the facility and suffers regularly with the pain of orgasm denial. Finding herself at the mercy of his fingertips, when he demonstrates the complexities of breath play, she panics that each gasp of air may be her last.
Displayed, touched, fondled and at the mercy of others, Jenny begins to discover what life as a pony girl might entail, especially when faced with the wicked tongues of several pony boys! Getting acquainted with the rather aptly named Red Room and finding herself subject to a thorough spanking is her first discovery into the delicious world of pain and pleasure that awaits her.
But there are far more devilish torments than spanking to be found at the Albrecht stables…


Available at and now!

Available at and now!


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