#Collared? How do You Wear Yours? #BDSM

Collar michaket

Do you prefer leather? Do you like the smell, look, feel and texture? Durable but with a few guaranteed years of flexibility, there is something rather pleasant about the feel of a circlet of leather emcompassing one’s neck.

cast iron collar

How about a more traditional approach, with some distressed cast iron? Rigid, uncomfortable and heavy – it will be a constant reminder of the one who owns you. If he/she is particuarly nasty, they could weld it shut for a more permanent approach…

neck tattoo

Those looking for the ultimate in permanent accessories, could have one tattooed into the skin of their neck. For masochists all around the world, the sweet pain of having the tender flesh of your neck limned by a sharp needle should have  you good to go on your return home.

If you’ve a taste for all things futuristic, it’s coming to that age where you can have titanium rings implanted in your neck… which can be threaded with rope, ribbon, silk scarves… and who’d stop there? Spikes and electrodes… you name it, you’d better beware when you sign that D/s contract! Shock collars, or electro-stim collars, have long been available for purchase on the market and do tend to tame naughty slaves, somewhat 😉

chains of bondage

Do you prefer something more symbollic? The chains of bondage perhaps? With a few tweaks it could almost pass for haute-couture in the world of neck accessories.

There are some of us who do not wish to advertise our D/s status and prefer to keep our sexual proclivities underwraps, so to speak. Are you more than happy to settle for nothing more than the occasional pair of hands around your neck and go au natural? The chances are, when the layers of clothing are unwrapped, a few items of D/s ownership will confirm your status as no collar could.

simple circlet

Personally, I prefer a simple circlet of metal. It’s aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean, cold to the touch and heavy enough to remind its wearer of his/her undertaking in becoming a slave/submissive. (It also won’t have the general public running screaming from you in the streets – although depending on the member of the general public – that can sometimes be a bonus 🙂

So, how do you wear yours?


4 thoughts on “#Collared? How do You Wear Yours? #BDSM

  1. Simple nondescript chain with a heart-shaped padlock front and center. The keyhole is turned to the back to be discreet. The chain is long enough to make it a necklace, but too short to get it off without unlocking the padlock. 😊

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