If anyone cared to look carefully out the window, the couple would be quite visible. After all, even though every light had been extinguished in the houses that mounted each side of the park, the small space was perfectly lit by a single, lonely light post.

‘Lift your skirt, grab the tree and spread your legs.’ His voice was demanding.

There is a delicious element of danger in being found in a state of undress outdoors, even if the night sky is as black as tar. Tonight, the soft, orange glow from the lamppost added to the already high level of adrenaline that floated through her bloodstream. Picking up the hem of her skirt, she raised it slowly around her waist, revealing her naked backside and wondering if the pale orbs would glow under the strange lighting. Though the night was cool, she didn’t feel her flesh prickle with goose-bumps, for inside her body there was an inferno of wanton lust that badly needed to be slaked.  She was wet and burning up with a fever that had only one cure.
The bark felt cold and prickly underneath her fingertips, but she wasted no time in complying with his wishes. Her legs were splayed wide and her buttocks pushed outwards for his inspection. Her sex will be lewdly on display in this position and she was fully aware that it would be wide, gaping, glistening and begging to be filled.
All manner of thoughts run through her head. How bad will the pain be? What will he use? Will she scream out and if she does, will the sound carry on the cool, night air? But the uppermost thought in her head is: will he fuck her? Will he grapple with each and every hole she possesses and fuck her to fulfilment and beyond? Will he make her beg to be taken? Will she be allowed to suck and pleasure every inch of him before the night is over?
Her questions will remain trapped inside flesh and bone, for she is breathless with anticipation and need. A vicious, all-consuming need threatens to devour her. Hearing a slight rustle behind her, she holds her breath and waits.

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