Who sucks better – men or women?

Man Vs. Woman – Cue Simone Scarlet

wife at the gay club

I’ve just read Simone Scarlet’s very delectable novella, ‘Wife at the Gay Club,’ which tackles an age-old question. Who sucks better? Men or women? Has anyone tried to prove the theory?

Salvatore, the lead character in Mr Simone’s story, is a vivacious and outgoing gay male who is positive that no-one sucks better than he. What are we talking about here? Lollipops? Well, you’ll just need to read the novella yourself and find out. Carolina, high-school dream queen, is equally determined that she has a mouth with a vacuum ‘Hoover’ would be proud of.

The only trouble is, Hank, Carolina’s husband is a little bit jealous. He wants Carolina all to himself. He wants her to be the epitome of elegance and purity – except in the bedroom department, where he is wickedly turned on by Carolina’s slutty nature.

When the time comes to take the challenge of ‘sucking to satiety,’ who will win? Salvatore thinks he has it in the bag… but Carolina won’t back down without a fight.

I loved this read – it’s a quirky little novella with just the right mix of humor and sex and Monsieur Scarlet seems to have a novel to fit every taste on Amazon, so do you fancy a little sneek at his page? Read on sex fiends!

Seriously, though, he’s one to watch if you like a good giggle with your thrusting parts.

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