Calling All Men. Is Your Car Amazing in Bed?

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Right, I can’t claim all the credit for this blog as I spotted the original post on MissyJubilee’sSexBlog, but I was curious enough to look into the matter further.

The Telegraph heading went something like this: Naked man caught ‘having sex’ with Land Rover

Firstly, I had to mentally make sure it wasn’t April 1st and having got that out of the way, well – I had to read on. Mr Cooper, 24 years of age, apparently stripped off outside a takeaway restaurant in the UK and began gyrating against his LandRover. Most men, I’m sure, will sympathise – cars are a thing of beauty, right?

OK, obviously the gentleman in question was drunk, but he went out with just £13/$20 in his pocket! What on earth was he drinking?

But wait! That’s not all. Mr Cooper decide to have sex with the kebab shop counter, the ground and walk down the high street naked. That’s some Saturday night! Unfortunately Mr Cooper won’t be having any more of them in the near future as he has been banned from going outdoors between the naughty hours of 7pm-7am Fri – Sat. Ouch.

On the plus side, I bet the LandRover has never had a ‘buff and shine’ quite like it. Ahem.

Thanks for the giggles Missy!!!

The original article can be found here:


6 thoughts on “Calling All Men. Is Your Car Amazing in Bed?

  1. Funny you don’t hear about woman doing such things. Geez louise, I wonder why?. My feelings are aligned with MrSouthernSir. I hope the Land Rover had access to appropriate counselling and support for what must have been a traumatic and lane changing road rage experience. Or parking rage, cause I don’t think it was moving, but if it was, my feelings go out to Mr Carsex. No-one likes to be left by the side of the road. 🙂 Missy x

    • ~giggle~ I believe the article said that Mr Cooper wasn’t a pretty sight when naked… so I think Mr LandRover was pretty traumatised…

      As to women… let’s face it, we’re smarter than men. We don’t have sex with rubber dolls or cars.

      I’m probably going to get into trouble for that comment…!

  2. I can honestly say I have never had any relations with a rubber doll. I did meet one, many years ago. It was at a bar. I bought her a few drinks and tried to take her home. She said no, that she was seeing someone; a guy that worked at a helium factory. She told me he really made her float like no one else.

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