The Alpha Male. How do You Eat Yours? #AlphaMale #Dominant


  • He oozes charm and sexuality. The alpha males knows what he wants, and even better, knows how to get it.
  • He isn’t necessarily beautiful, although it helps, but he the confidence to be a commanding presence wherever his feet might take him. From boardroom to beach, very little will flap this gentleman.
  • He commands respect without raising his voice. Yes, this man could whisper and all would rush to do his bidding. Some are in awe of him, some fear, and the rest are a dribbling, messy pile of mush at his feet.
  • He never runs, although he’s been known to chase (women), albeit from a distance. He is often clever, calculated and will be found running rings around the opposition.
  • He isn’t ashamed of who he is. No matter what his background, he’s proud of who he is and how he’s managed to get to the top. It’s taken him a lot of grit, determination and effort to get where he is in life.
  • He attracts beautiful women like a magnet attracts metal, with a strong powerful pull. Women lap up his every word and can’t wait to rip his trousers off. The trouble is, he’s getting bored of having his trousers ripped off. The Alpha Male taste can often be somewhat eclectic.
  • He is firmly in control of every situation. It might have taken him a while to master the ability to control just about everything he can in his life, but know he’s got the basics in check, his level of control rises with each passing day. It’s a national sport as far as he’s concerned.
  • And finally: he enjoys a challenge. Why? Because everything in his life is just too darn easy. Make things a little bit difficult for him and he’ll enjoy putting his brain power to good use and finding the best way of conquering it. The more difficult the challenge, the more he will relish the victory as he overcomes it.

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