Hot to Trot – Ticking Timebomb

time bomb

Yes, Book Three of Pony Tales – Hot to Trot – should be out soon… tick, tock, tick.

The viciously attractive Mark, with the unfaltering smile, has a day of endurance planned for Jenny that the devil himself would find challenging. His artful temperature play has her screaming, his anal dilators have her howling and a ride in the sybian’s saddle leaves her  virtually unconscious, but the day is far from over. A group of ladies, with wandering fingers, are given the task of transforming Jenny into a sweet, submissive little pony who will be left looking ‘hot to trot’ in no time at all.

After an exhausting day of training, Jenny has only escape or rescue on her mind. Alas, escape is rather difficult when you’re naked, dressed in thigh high pony boots and have your hands immobilised in leather mittens which are clipped behind your back. Besides, escape isn’t all that important – not when you’re desperate for your next orgasm, it isn’t.


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