Friday #Funny – #50ShadesofGrey?

50 shades of hay

OK, I couldn’t resist a little light humour… especially as I like all things ‘ponygirl’ at the moment.

But while we’re on the subject – 50 Shades of Grey – love it or hate it?

I loved it. To be honest, the only thing I didn’t like was the way the BDSM relationship was portrayed to be slightly ‘unhealthy’ and that Mr Grey should be rescued from his life of kinky sex and brought back to the joys of plain old vanilla. I mean, who in their right mind would want that?

A life of no handcuffs, no rope, no gags, no silk scarves, no feathers, no corsets, no clamps, no blindfolds and (more importantly) no DOMINANCE or submission?

The reason the book sold so well? Women want excitement, they want storyline and they can read anonymously on their kindle/ipad/ereader devices these days… and the fact that BDSM is still a heavily unexplored subject for most. Curiosity killed the cat, or the horse…

We are being liberated to read what we like on the train, on the bus, the aeroplane – even at lunch break in the office, should we so desire…. is it a good thing or a bad thing? Answers on a postcard please, or (preferably) in the comments box below.

Well, have a great weekend all…

This PonyGirl Romp is 100 Shades of Hay and is Available From All Good Bookstores

This PonyGirl Romp is 100 Shades of Hay and is Available From All Good Bookstores

3 thoughts on “Friday #Funny – #50ShadesofGrey?

  1. I liked it. The book was interesting. My issue wasn’t so much with the plot or the writing as the lack of editing. Fifty Shades read like a first draft. It needed a lot of tightening. It should have been cut by about 25 percent. I still haven’t finished the third book. Fifty Shades introduced erotic romance to so many more readers and made it socially acceptable to admit that one reads (and writes) erotic romance. I’ve had a lot of conversations about MY domestic discipline romances that started out with the other person saying (usually in a whisper), “I read Fifty Shades of Grey”

    • Yes, have to agree with you – it really has opened the door for erotic romance and it’s probably one of the best selling genres currently on Amazon (though they’d be loathe to admit it!!!)

  2. I didn’t care for it all that much. While it did bring the lifestyle into the spotlight I felt that the portrayal of it was not in a very good light.
    Where I live I am in the middle of an area that supports a robust lifestyle community. I go to two separate munches; each different in their own way. Yet there is one similarity; they both have set up programs for newbies to “re-educate” them on what the lifestyle is really about.

    On the other side of that I have been enjoying your sense of humor lately and got a good chuckle out of the cartoon.

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