Christina Mandara talks Water #Torture


My boiler packed up yesterday…. and I don’t do cold showers. So, thinking it was feasible that I could fill a bathtub by myself, I set about the task. This is what I learned:

  • Bath’s are a lot bigger than they appear to be
  • Walking up a flight of stairs with a saucepan is a risky business
  • Trying to be clever by overfilling the kettle is not really being clever at all
  • Filling a tub to about an 1/8th of its capacity is an exhausting business

How did the Victorians go about it? Well, with servants obviously, but even so! They had further to travel, a roaring fire to contend with, more water to carry and heavy buckets to lug it all about. I should think they were the size of stick insects after all that rigmarole… and then common sense dawns… Victorians only had a bath about a once a month.

Well, that’s October’s bath sorted. Roll on November!

For those looking for a preview of Hot to Trot, click here.

5 thoughts on “Christina Mandara talks Water #Torture

  1. Here i thought you were going to be talking about waterboarding or other related things.

    Sorry to hear about your water heater, I think the servants did a bucket brigade to get the water there quickly.

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