A #Spanking – Pain or Pleasure?


My customary sign-off line is ‘Spanks, Whips and Smacks to All.’ When someone commented on a post the other day, that she considered spanks, whips and smacks punishment, I realised that everyone has a different take on the matter.

If the spanking is administered in a sensual manner, it should titillate its participate for the main round to come. The sting of a spanking can also help lengthen the time it will take for a sub to orgasm, hence enhancing the final result. A few strokes with the whip can present delicious, stinging anticipation with which a sub awaits a glorious night of passion from their Master/Mistress. The throb of a crop stroke or two, can remind them of their status and the fact that they are the main course of the night’s proceedings for at least an hour or two before the performance.

Kupferstich ca. 1780 - gemeinfrei -

Kupferstich ca. 1780 – gemeinfrei – (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t get me wrong, the above, if administered as punishment, can be downright awful. But it should never be so painful that the sub cannot bear it. BDSM is consensual and there are safe words (or should be) at each sub’s disposal. Most Dom/me’s know exactly how far they can take their slave without causing any long-lasting harm.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that ‘Spanks, Whips and Smacks,’ should be celebrated and not feared, for the most part.

Have I got it wrong? I’d love to know your take on the matter….

6 thoughts on “A #Spanking – Pain or Pleasure?

  1. little flower looks forward to spankings, to her they are therapeutic. Spanking as a punishment is lost on her, spanking sends her into subspace almost guaranteed every time and is a form of stress relief to her.
    As for punishment, put her in the corner for 10 15 minutes and you’d think someone was trying to kill her.

  2. Oh no, you definitely have it right, spanks whips and smacks are pleasure incarnate…even typing it has me tingly. Mm..mmm.

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