Review of ‘Chain Reaction’ by Jennifer Jane Pope

chain reaction

I’ve been reading erotica… really dirty, juicy, yummy, toe-tingling erotica (which features pony-girls, hurrah!).

Right, I should make this clear, ‘Chain Reaction,’ is the second in a two-part series by Jennifer Jane Pope, the first in the series is called, ‘Assignment for Alison.’ You can read the books independently without too many tears, this is erotica after all…


Hannah Levy, a rather feisty army-type, gets herself kidnapped by a crazy sadist – I know, who’d have thought it? The crazy sadist in question is called Rafe Hancock and he gets to work by getting even with the delectable Hannah (she’d previously raided one of his properties) – turning her into a world-class pony-girl with rather sizeable assets. She is drugged to remain witless and trussed up to within an inch of her life. Yes, there are body modifications in here – the girl in question has a permanent bit to ensure she is mute at all times, has her cleavage enhanced and is basically subject to all kinds of humiliations by her trainers, Rose and Phoebe.

Pony Girl - D7K 4415 ep

Pony Girl – D7K 4415 ep (Photo credit: Eric.Parker)


It gets better:

Hannah gets to be ‘covered’ by the aptly named, ‘Hercules,’ on a regular basis. She is also harnessed to a cart (or a ‘sulky’ in this case) and is trained to become a speedy race horse. There’s plenty of latex fun to be had both with Alley ‘Kat’ and the pony-girls.

The side plot is a team of girls and guys who get together to rescue Hannah from an impregnable fortress (Hancock’s Stables) and save the day, as well as the girl. Will they make it in time or will Hannah’s silicone breasts become the laughing stock of the stables that Master Rafe is hoping for?


The bottom line:

This is dark, fantasy erotica featuring body modifications, drugs, implants and more. Whilst the main character in this story, ‘Hannah,’ leans towards the female sex in her sexual tendencies, there is plenty of M/f action featured. Overall it’s a fun romp through pony-girl land and I thoroughly enjoyed it!




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