#Sex – The Differences between #Men&Women


It’s no secret that men are very visual when it comes to sex. Want proof? Well, you only have to venture to alexa.com and check out the website metrics for just about any pornography site on the net to see that the figures of male visitors vastly outnumber that of their gender opposites. For the most part, men do not need a storyline when it comes to sex, they enjoy watching the act and it is the visual aspect of this which arouses them.

Women, on the other hand, find most pornography quite dull. They want emotions, storyline and a plot. This is why sales of erotica tend to have a large following of female fans. Want proof? Pop ‘eljamesauthor.com’ into alexa, and you’ll see that  female visitors far outweigh their male counterparts.


It’s a good question. Whilst there is no secret that the male and female brains are hardwired in a slightly different fashion, it’s entertaining to think that it is story and imagination which get the fairer sex’s blood pumping and pictures and videos which work for men.

Any theories out there? I’d love to hear them…

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