#Kiss me, #Romance me, Wine and Dance me…


I’d originally submitted this to Mills and Boons a few years ago, but they like ‘one main male character’ and mine had two… shucks. Must dig it out and spice it up at some point!


Marie couldn’t move. Her eyes were locked in place by his compelling ones and she was losing herself in them. Her lips throbbed to be kissed, her pulse was wild and her brain was everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Annoyingly, the man didn’t move a muscle. Marie made the tiniest of growling noises in the back of her throat but refused to budge forward the two millimetres needed to enter the abyss.  She could smell the tantalising scent of his aftershave, feel his warm breath caress her cheek and watch his eyes as they tried to burrow their way into hers. The growling noise got louder but he remained a still and silent as a sentinel.

“Kiss me,” she pleaded, unable to help herself.

“With pleasure,” he replied, a dark smile curling his mouth, before his lips closed the tiniest of gaps to capture hers. They were hard, demanding, and gave her no quarter to refuse. She’d felt nothing like it in her life before. A spark of pure chemistry seemed to light up the night as his lips challenged hers, melding them both together. They danced with sheer mastery, lightly teasing one moment and deftly consuming the next. Then they hardened further and began to show her who was really boss by devouring her whole. God help her, Marie wanted to be devoured. Her body was almost pleading to be eaten alive by this stranger. Liquid heat pool at her core and she felt her blood pounding in her ears as her body fired up. She wanted to scream at him to stop, to let her think, get some air, but she was powerless to move a single fingertip and he knew it.

“Stop,” she whispered weakly, wanting to put her hands on his chest and pry them apart for the sake of her sanity, but her arms refused to co-operate.

“I think we both know you don’t want me to stop, Ms Vincent,” Logan whispered wickedly in her ear, before his lips moved down to her throat, fluttering along the heavy pulse in her neck and gently letting his teeth bite the delicate flesh there.

Marie gasped and nearly shot up off the seat of the taxi. More heat pooled at the juncture of her thighs.


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4 thoughts on “#Kiss me, #Romance me, Wine and Dance me…

  1. Aw thank you, but I suspect their reply would still be the same. Can’t decided whether to spice it up and make it an erotic romance or just resubmit to some other romance publishers. In all honesty, it’ll probably sit on the shelf for a while 🙂

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