Could regular #sex make you #RICH?


If you are hoping for a pay rise at work, you  might have to get busy in the bedroom.

Regular sex, it seems, could be the key to  earning a healthy wage.

Researchers found that people who have sex at  least four times a week get paid more than people who do not have as much sex –  regardless of education or profession.

And a lack of physical intimacy can have a  significant impact on a person’s state of mind, the researchers  found.

People who have sex at least four times a week get paid  more than people who do not have as much sex. Not having enough sex can also  lead to depression, loneliness and social anxiety

‘People need to love and be loved (sexually  and non-sexually) by others.

‘In the absence of these elements, many  people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and depression that  could affect their working life,’ study author Dr Nick Drydakis, an economics  lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, told CBSNews.

Dr Drydakis says he decided to study the  topic because he believes that people have to meet their basic needs, such as  eating, drinking, sleeping and having sex, before they will be able to have  successes in other parts of their life.

He studied data from 7,500 people aged  between 26 and 50.

The participants, who included both straight  and gay couples, were asked about their health, sexual activity, employment  status and earnings.

The findings revealed that people who have  sex more than four times a week earn five per cent more than those who have sex  less than four times a week.

The study also found that people who do not  have sex at all earn three per cent less than people who do have sex.

The findings held even when factors such as  education and profession were taken into account.

The study revealed that even people who have  health problems earn more if they have regular sex.

Dr Drydakis, says that he does not know  exactly why sex and earnings are linked but he believes that it could be because  people who earn well have the disposable income to go on more  dates.

Alternatively, it could be because people who  earn well are more attractive to potential partners.

Dr Drydakis’ final theory is that the reason  could be that people who have high wages are better able to buy their partner  gifts and that they are rewarded with sex.

‘Sexual activity is a key aspect of personal  health and social welfare that influences individuals across their life span,’  Dr Drydakis told CBSNews. ‘In terms of policy implications, access to effective,  broadly-based sexual health education could be an important contributing factor  to the health and well-being of people.’

Christina’s Take: In the past, the only way regular sex could have make you rich was if you were working in the pornography industry or Hollywood… but times have changed! Time to get busy in the bedroom – there’s no excuse – your future earnings could depend on it!


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6 thoughts on “Could regular #sex make you #RICH?

  1. Well it seems I need to step my game up…need to get little flower closer so we can get on the fast track 😉
    I recently read an article that also said having regular sex is a great wa to lose weight as it can burn a good amount of calories.
    It seems like a win win situation, losing weight and earning more money…how can one go wrong.

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