#Bucketlist – 15 Places to Have #Sex Before You Die

Samantha Jones (Sex and the City)

Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

15 places to have sex before you dieBy Dr. Pam Spurr

They say it’s all about location, location, location — and that includes your sex life! An easy way to spice up your bedroom routine is take things out of the bedroom. And have we got some ideas for you!

The following suggestions range from the racy to the downright risky — just be sure you don’t go too far over the line. For example, if you’re on holiday in Abu Dhabi you might want to stick to your hotel room. (You don’t want to pull a Samantha Jones!)

Get ready to make some additions to your sexual bucket list. Here are the top 15 places to have sex before you die:

1. In the bath or shower

There’s hardly anything as sensual as warm cascades of water rushing over your bodies. Don’t forget to add in a fantastic waterproof sex toy to make it extra fun.

2. At a party

Talk about upping the risk-factor and increasing the passion! Nothing makes a boring party more exciting than nipping into the bathroom for a quickie. Your hosts will never know what you’ve done if you re-enter the party separately — and keep the giggling to a minimum.

3. Your local park at night

Slip into your local park and find a place for sex under the stars — perfect for trying out a standing position like the ‘strip search’. (You lean against the railings or a tree while he takes you from behind.)

4. In a lift

This takes a cool nerve and daring attitude — but if you’re in the mood for a quickie, press the ‘close doors’ button and have a lusty ride in the lift. For easy access, wear a dress with no knickers.

5. A side street

You’ve just shared a candlelit dinner in a restaurant or drinks in a pub and have been flirting outrageously. Why not act on your lust and slip into a side street for some very naughty sex? But if you get caught, don’t tell the cops it was our idea!

6. The kitchen

Dinner can wait! Try kicking things up a notch while cooking with your man. The spontaneity makes it a night to remember, and the kitchen counter and dining table both make for useful surfaces. Feeling playful? Have a laugh as you ‘baste’ each other with some olive oil!

7. The beach

We can’t mention sex on the beach without thinking of one of Hollywood’s most romantic sex scenes in From Here to Eternity. Time to reenact the passion between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. If it’s a secluded beach, let the waves gently lap your feet as you indulge in sex-play — or find a hiding place in the dunes for full on frolics.

8. On the floor

Ever come home after a steamy night out, desperate to make love right away? Don’t waste time going upstairs. Instead, take each other right there on the floor in the sitting room. (Probably best to choose a floor that’s carpeted or throw down a soft blanket if it’s not.)

9. A changing room at your gym

You’ve gone for a workout or swim and those post-exercise endorphins have you feeling frisky. Make sure the coast is clear and slip into the changing room for some exciting sex. Knowing someone might come in and (hopefully!) won’t have a clue what’s going on behind your changing room door, makes it extra hot.

10. In a hot tub

We associate hot tubs and jacuzzis with porn films, but it’s a cliche for a reason! Those steamy bubbles will feel heavenly on both of yours bodies. Let them tickle and tease every bit of you while you enjoy a romp. (And don’t forget to utilise the jets!)

11. On an airplane

As long as you don’t get caught, foreplay on an airplane or train journey can be exhilarating. If the toilet’s too small (or too obvious), slip a blanket over yourselves and enjoy some subtle sex-play. Your secret caresses will leave you both gasping.

12. At the office

Invite your partner over to play-out your work-based fantasies once everyone’s gone home. Having the run of the office can give you a sense of power. Your colleagues won’t know why you have a naughty smile on your face the next morning. (Just be careful to avoid security cameras!)

13. On a hike or a country walk

The call of nature can take on a new meaning when you’re alone in the country. Find a big tree to lean against and enjoy a standing position like ‘the sling’. (You lean your back against the tree trunk, and he slips one arm under one of your knees gently lifting it up. This gives him access for some red-hot fun.)

14. On a Lilo on water

You’ll make a memory with slow and sensual sex on a Lilo in a swimming pool (or any other full-size pool-float). Take it nice and gently when no one’s around. (Yet another reason to spring for the villa with the private pool on your next holiday!) The gentle buoyant rocking motion feels fantastic. No access to a pool? You can get the same sensation from sex on trampoline or in a hammock.

15. In a hotel room

The wonderful thing about a night of passion in a hotel room is you can get as messy as you please — because you won’t be the one cleaning it up. Get rude with food and have a feast in bed that ends up all over your bodies. And if you’re feeling guilty about the mess, leave a nice tip for the cleaning staff.

Dr Pam Spurr is a sex and relationship expert who dishes out weekly advice on iVillage’s Love Clinic blog. Follow her on Twitter.

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Christina’s Take: I’ve managed to get 9 of them in already, so that leaves another 6 to go! Actually, I’m going with 5 as there is no way I’m having sex at a changing room in my gym. For starters they are male/female changing rooms and I’m simply not brave enough to cross the male/female divide and secondly, after having managed to complete my workout I don’t enough energy left to do the act justice.

How many have you managed?

11 thoughts on “#Bucketlist – 15 Places to Have #Sex Before You Die

  1. #1 (bath/shower) was in the male’s barracks in Greece – they didnt have a tub in the women;s barracks – or maybe they did, but it was more fun with men coming and going 😛
    #2 (party) – I cant remember which one(s) 😛
    #3 – Local park? Does the 13th hole in Spain count?
    #4 (lift) – This doesnt interest me … dunno why – maybe because it’s too much of a quickie? LOL
    #5 – (back alley) – How about right behind 7/11 in Virginia?
    #6 The kitchen? Well, yeah – gotta make sure the counter is at the correct height – right? Not to mention the table
    #7 (beach) – Cant remember what country – france maybe – in the water … close enough, right? It was midday after all
    #8 (Floor) – Carpet burns suck
    #9 (Changing room/gym) – I dont have a Porky’s fetish – sticky place LOL
    #10 (Hottub) – We own one soooo 😉
    #11 (Airplane) – Does it count that he masturbated me in our seats? Ahhh – our honeymoon *dreamy sigh*
    #12 (Office) – Nope – but it’s gotta be a great idea since I’ve read enough books about that location!
    #13 (hike/walk) – Well, we were walking when we ended up at the golf course 😛
    #14 (lilo/water) – Oh geez – how do you keep yer balance – even being careful LOL
    #15 (hotel) – Knowing what I’ve done – I really should bring my own sheets LMNWAO

    Can we add theater? Yep – I own that t-shirt too … sorry. cant help that I spent 20 in the Navy (youknow: travel, see the world, man in every port)

    This was fun!

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  3. 9 complete if I am allowed to use the Engineering Lecture room while I was studying to be an Engineer at University. That was my office at the time, right? 🙂 This was very fun to think about and start planning for the other 6. Thank you!

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