The #Erotica Challenge – Are You #Game enough?

sheknowsOK, I have a challenge for you.

You will need:

A book of your finest, steamiest erotica

A partner


One party, possibly the female but not necessarily, should be placed in a good reading position (bed, sofa, etc.) and given a very steamy, erotic book to read. They should be left to marinate for at least 20 minutes and 30 is recommended. They should not be allowed to touch themselves during this time.

The other party, when they deem their subject is titillated somewhat, should began to torment and tease them to distraction.

The Object of the Game:

The object of the game is for the reading party not to drop their book. That book must remain clutched firmly within their hands no matter what might be going on with their body elsewhere.

Winning the Game:

If you drop the book you lose. If you manage to keep hold of the book past at least one orgasm, you win.


Good luck. The first three readers in need of a steamy erotica title, if you email me: Christinamandara at yahoo dot co dot uk (spam bots!) I’ll provide you with a copy of the Riding School Free of charge.

When you’ve completed your challenge, report back here!

The results of this poll are anonymous (even to me) and I hope you had fun playing.

the riding school cover

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