Who loves #Latex?

Who loves latex? It’s tight, it’s shiny and it’s sexy. Women look fabulous in the stuff.

In my next book, ‘Named and Shamed,’ I have girlies in latex. With lots of zips. There’s something about the restrictive nature of form-fitting clothing that I love. No, I don’t have a rubber fetish. But yes, I do think that it’s pretty hot.

I have my reservations about trying it, though. I suspect it would be harder than a wetsuit to get on and very sweaty. Although I think I have heard on the grapevine that some entrepreneurial (did I spell that right?) has put pinpricks all over the latex he has used in his catsuits so the occupants of such material can breathe.

For any real latex enthusiasts who love reading erotica, try Bruce McLaughlan’s Charybdis trilogy. Believe me when I say that the costumes he employs in his BDSM books will blow your mind.

So, latex – love it or hate it?










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