Learning the Ropes SIZZLING EXCERPT and Sunday #Funny


OK, ok, for those of you who discovered that my blog had gone AWOL on Fri/Sat – the problem is now solved. WordPress have flagged me for ‘spammy links’ (Oh, the shame of it!)

In retaliation I am never posting links again so the spam fairy will never venture around these parts again. Except to plug my erotica of course. (See how I led you straight into that?)

Hmm… what shall I post?

An excerpt from Learning the Ropes, Book Two in the Pony Tales series I think:

The Training Room

Looking up at the words boldly posted on the next door, her first thought was hadn’t they already covered that in the previous room? Pony girls couldn’t be expected to lift weights, surely?

Mark stopped as soon as they were inside. ‘Well, what do you think?’

She thought that her knees appreciated the cool, smooth parquet wood floor of this room, as the concrete outside had just started to burn, attacking the little gaps between the rope coils. The door was currently obscuring her view of the room but as it slowly receded backwards, her eyes became big and round and goggled at all that this room had to offer. There were no weights in sight, but that didn’t make her feel in the least bit better.

Jenny was rendered speechless. It was a moot point, as she was gagged, but being a regular ‘Miss Talkative,’ it indicated just how shocked she was. This room should have been called ‘The Dildo Room’ because there were hundreds of the things everywhere. Rubber ones, plastic ones, fat ones, thin ones, vibrating ones, pulsing ones, thrusting ones and incredibly huge ones. The longest dildo in the room was not based on a human penis. Jenny would have put money on the fact. It was, incredibly, over 20 inches in length. She had no wish to discover what its girth was.

Mark knew where Jenny’s eyes had stopped. ‘It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? It’s based on a real horse’s penis. Don’t worry; we won’t start you on that one.’ He watched her body shudder. The equine sheath was there for decoration, but she didn’t need to know that. He prided himself in keeping trainees off balance and he had barely started with this young little brat.

When Jenny finally managed to tear her eyes away from ‘Mr Big’ and surveyed the rest of the room, it was the positioning of the dildos that caught her attention. They littered the floor space; dildos, plugs, double-enders, some with controls, some with wires and some which were raised on platform poles. If that wasn’t enough, there were more attached to the wall at all kinds of heights. It was all too much to take in. She closed her eyes in disbelief. This had to be a joke, she thought, positive that someone was having lots of fun at her expense.

It was Mark’s job to watch his trainee’s reaction and like a beady-eyed hawk, he missed nothing. He’d say shock and astonishment covered it, which was normal. She wouldn’t be allowed to get away with closing her eyes when she spotted something she didn’t like, though. Knowing it was best to nip bad habits in the bud, he pulled the crop from his belt and gave the plug in her backside a firm tap. It had the desired result: she jumped and her eyes flew open. ‘You’re not allowed to close those baby blues unless you have the permission of your trainer. Nod if you understand,’ his voice was curt. He placed the tip of the riding crop on her clitoris and rubbed gently. At the absence of a nod, he gave the nub a little lick with the crop. Jenny gave a choked gasp and nodded.

‘This room will help you to please your trainer in several ways. You will learn how to take a thick plug in your backside to display the most impressive tail possible, not to mention a nice thick cock or two, should the occasion arise; which I can guarantee it will.  You will also work on your sexual performance, which I suspect needs a lot of work. We have machines that will monitor all of those sweet grasping muscles you possess, measure how tight you can squeeze them and for how long. They’ll help you improve your technique by teaching you many different types of strokes in order to ensure the maximum pleasure for your trainer and they will work on the strength in your thighs and buttocks. You’ll train both your gluteus maximum and quadriceps, among others, so hard that you won’t be able to sit down properly for a week. That won’t be a problem for the most part, as you won’t be allowed to anyway.’ He looked down to see if she had taken most of that in. Eyeing the way her face was yet again glued to the enormous horse cock, he knew he had just wasted his breath. No matter, she’d just have to take the crash course when faced with the practical. To grab her attention, he clicked his fingers beside her ear.

‘Would you like to try one before we leave?’ Mark asked, with his pony-special, deadpan expression.

Jenny quickly shook her head and the whites of her eyes were rather more vivid than they should have been.

‘You’d like to delay your gratification? My, you learn quickly. We like that here.’

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