Merry #Christmas from Christina Mandara

Christina Mandara

Hope you’ve all been good boys and girls! What’s on your Santa wish list this year? Let me know…

What’s on mine?

#1. A pair of steel handcuffs – no fluffiness, please!

#2. Some vibrating eggs (remote controlled if possible, Santa)

#3. Several silk scarves (at least four) and all in red – it’s the festive season after all…

#4. A bottle of bubbly

#5. A bamboo paddle


I’m at a loss as to whether to tell Santa I’ve been really good or really naughty… it’s a tricky thing 😉

Love and hugs to A/all xxx


11 thoughts on “Merry #Christmas from Christina Mandara

  1. Merry Christmas to you too Christina. And if Santa doesn’t come through for you, I can take care of… hmm… maybe just #4 actually. Shit. That sounded much cooler in my head, sorry.

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