The Smell of #Arousal – #Scents that Excite both Men and Women!

limeVanilla – sweet and spicy, the scent of vanilla can be almost sickly in heavy doses – but it has been proven to arouse both men and women, which may be why so many candles, soaps, perfumes and body lotions feature this rather soft, pleasant and relaxing smell.

Ginger – not only does it smell delicious, but if eaten this root is reported to boost libido and give you an added burst of energy. Perfect for sultry nights of passion.

Jasmine – love or hate it, this flower has a pungent smell when in full bloom and it tickles our senses and… our loins! A sensuous scent, again often featured in perfumes which gives us a little taste of balmy oriental nights.

Cinnamon – men dribble around women who wear cinnamon scented perfume. It’s heady, spicy scent is a well-know aphrodisiac and if you put some in apple crumble… well, you’ve got your man (and a great tasting crumble!)

Lime – ladies love the zesty, refreshing smell of lime on a man. It’s masculine, fruity and crisp. Is it any wonder aftershaves all over the world feature this little green number?

Almond – women will be putty in your hands, quite literally, if you massage them with sweet almond oil. It’s a sweet, relaxing scent, which drives ladies wild.

Can you think of any more? What drives you wild?

10 thoughts on “The Smell of #Arousal – #Scents that Excite both Men and Women!

  1. I have a highly developed sense of smell and if someone smells good — I make a tremendous effort to stand by them. There are a couple of Men’s Perfumes I lust over on certain people. On the other hand, if something smells poor to me – I cannot get away fast enough because the headache it develops is brutal.

    • It’s an underrated sense, isn’t it? I’m the same – a couple of aftershaves on the market make me melt into a small puddle. Happy new year, btw πŸ™‚

  2. Great information, and a lot of it I can definitely see….I mean smell. Stetson cologne is one of mine. Makes me want to follow Him everywhere! Lol

  3. We do tend to focus on what can be seen or felt but as you have reminded us, the ability to stimulate and engage all of our senses is powerful! I am making a shopping list now, thank you! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hmmm, I’d go with Lime on my Sir. Fresh and crisp, like one of his shirts back from the cleaners. On me? He likes lavender and rose. I love it when he leans in close, inhales deeply, and tells me I smell wonderful. πŸ™‚

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