5* #Book #Review – Captured By Charybdis, by Bruce McLachlan


Bruce McLachlan writes erotica with a very elegant and eloquent hand. He writes with a calm and measured pace and adds plenty of spice and drama when the occasion calls for it. This book is the first in a trilogy and after reading it, I can safely say he is one of my top three erotica authors of all time.

Captured by Charybdis features a feisty and fiery heroine, Mina, and she is out to discover hidden secrets that lie beneath the sea, albeit as a captured sex-slave. She gets more than she bargained for upon entering the under-water world, when she is outfitted as a latex-clad trainee.

I found McLachlan’s ‘uniforms’ for slaves and authority figures alike, simply amazing. Fins, tubes, latex, buttons, buzzers, you name it and it’ll feature on one of his mythical sea creatures somewhere. There are tubes that take care of bodily functions, hoses for breathing and the restrictions of his clothing know no bounds… but what impressed me most was that it was believable. These captured slaves are in some of the tightest bondage outfits I have ever witnessed in erotica, and the sheer detail, from shimmery fins to air tanks and breathing apparatus is quite remarkable.

Back to the story, Mina finds herself several leagues underneath the sea and at the hands of two Titans, (there is a Greek mythology thread running all the way through the story) Tethys and Oceanus. Little do they realise, but they certainly have their work cut out for them when subduing the likes of the little hellcat.

Mina quickly comes to realise that she enjoys the kind of torments that her new world has to offer and she is not at all sure that she wishes to expose her captives, even if she could and that in itself appears to be a remote possibility. The torture scene of Mina upon the pole for hours on end is quite something and her exploration of the sea bed, with all the other similarly latex outfitted creatures is also very entertaining.

My overall rating? 5 Stars and I’ll be reading the other two books in the series shortly 🙂

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