Ingenious punishments for #Submissives!

There are lots of punishments available with which to chastise submissives, be it corner time, spankings, denial of pleasure or simply a Dominant’s silence. Here are a couple that took my fancy:


Kneeling on dried peas:


Being made to hold your instrument of torture before the real action begins:


Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

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10 thoughts on “Ingenious punishments for #Submissives!

  1. The peas do look painful, much more so then rice…..hmmmmm
    On a number of occasions before a scene I would have little flower go to the room ahead of me and lay out the toys I have instructed her to get out and wait for me…anticipation!

  2. Ohhh the peas appeared in my reader and I knew instantly what it was… Yikes. Rice strikes me as the worst though, punishment is a tricky thing for us. I don’t act up, and “do I have to punish you” is enough to make me hustle my butt right along:)

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