Celebrities reveal their experiences with #Latex!


Bianca Beauchamp loves latex outfits. No wonder as she has made a lot of money from selling photos of herself and other models wearing latex costumes. Bianca is not alone. Every fetish model who wears latex not only swears it is comfortable but have even suggested they feel better wearing it than any other item of clothing. Hard to imagine when most movie and television scripts that call for characters to wear a latex costume usually complain about how uncomfortable the tight material is. Fetish models testimony on how it feels to wear latex should be taken with a grain of salt. After all there is the combination of them having the fetish to begin with, which means they supposedly get off on the feel of the outfit where others would not. Quite often other celebrities have been asked to wear latex during one of their projects and many of them have mentioned the experience during interviews.

For some the experience of wearing a latex outfit is amusing. When Faith Hill was asked to wear a pair of tight black latex pants for her video Let’s Go to Vegas, she joked to Entertainment Tonight cameras covering the behind-the-scene shoot that it felt like wearing saran wrap. A decade later Taylor Swift also seemed amused at the prospect of wearing tight latex, although she though the latex tights she was wearing for her video Picture to Burn was leather pants. Amazed at how tight they were she grabbed part of the thigh and let it snap back for the documentary crew shooting the behind the scene footage. If country singers find latex amusing pop stars are not as appreciative. The pop vocal group Liberty X was asked to do a video for the song Just a Little where they played burglars breaking into a vault. While the two male singers got to wear leather over wool shirts the costumes chosen for the girls was tight latex. The girls did not seem amused in the making of video, each having a different reason why they found their latex outfit uncomfortable. Michelle Heaton said “We are sexy and different and a bit more costumey, and I am definitely paying the price now because I can’t breathe.” Kelli Young’s response: “They have to spray the silicone spray to make the catsuit shiny, and it is freezing.” For Jessica Taylor it was how strange the latex felt that was the problem. “It’s not only all black today but it is all rubber for the girls, which is a new experience an one I am not sure I will repeat. It feels really weird. I don’t feel hot or anything like that…” She said beginning to rub her leg, “…but it feels like a second skin.” saying this with a look on her face as if the idea was very creepy.

Another celebrity who did not appreciate wearing a Latex catsuit was Britney Spears. She had asked for a red jumpsuit for her video Oops! I Did It Again and it ended up being a red latex catsuit. The video shoot had not been pleasant. The director had hung a camera above a bed to film her laying down in a tight white leather top and mini skirt. The camera was not properly mounted and came loose crashing on her head and closing down the shoot for a day. When it came time to wear the catsuit Britney did it with no complaint, but once the director had shot the footage Spears commented to the MTV camera crew documenting the video shoot that she could not wait to get out of her costume. Month later Spears would mention to fans that she never wanted to wear the red catsuit again, that it had been uncomfortable, and inevitably it was auctioned off. This would not be the last time Britney would wear catsuits, but the ones worn after that were faux latex, cotton fabric catsuits with shiny material sown onto the surface in key places to give the effect of a latex catsuit while on stage. Kylie Minogue was yet another celebrity who did not have a pleasant experience wearing her Latex catsuit. in an interview about the making of the video Confide in Me she mentioned that it was hot and uncomfortable and had no plans to wear the material again. Victoria Beckham (then called Victoria Adams or Posh Spice) complained about her latex bodysuit on the video shoot for Say You’ll Be There saying that it was absolutely boiling. No surprise as the video was shot in the middle of a desert.

Not all celebrities have said they found wearing latex outfits uncomfortable. Both singers September and Lady Gaga wear it all the time and have many times claimed that it is their favorite fashion. Gaga, who designs her own outfits, even said she wanted to start her own line of latex fashion with Akon, hoping that teenage girls everywhere would begin wearing her latex outfits. When Beyoncé decided to wear nothing but latex outfits in her video Green Light, she mentioned in an article about how much she liked wearing the latex, and how it made her feel sexy. Another recording act that is partial to wearing latex is The Pussycat Dolls. This seems to have dated back to a 2006 photo shoot for Complex magazine where one of the costumes Nicole was asked to wear was an extremely tight short black latex dress. In the behind the scenes footage when asked about the outfit Nicole began rubbing her hands over it and said “It feels so amazing. I am in love with this dress”. Soon after she began wearing latex on stage. Holly Valance also found her photo shoot with latex a pleasant experience, if only because she had assumed it would have been very uncomfortable. In the behind the scenes footage she says: “It’s pretty flexible. I thought it would be a lot worse. It’s not like wearing a wetsuit” In an interview for The Watchmen actress Malin Akerman was asked about the tight latex costume her character wore in the movie. During an on the set interview she said that the costume looked phenomenal, although that it was quite an experience putting it on, which took a half hour each day with lots of help from the crew. In a later interview she admitted that the costume was very uncomfortable. Kate Beckinsale also commented on her latex catsuit worn in the first Underworld movie. In an interview she said that she had dreaded the idea of having to wear a latex catsuit for an entire movie shoot, but once she got in it she found it very comfortable and that it became her favorite costume of all time.

A mixed bag of responses to wearing latex. But then again how the outfit feels depends on different conditions. Latex is thin enough that you do feel naked, so if the set is chilly then you will feel like you have no clothing on in the cold. It also prevents sweating, so if the set is hot then you heat up very fast. How tight the outfit is can be another factor. While occasionally an actress is fitted so that a latex costume is made that is exactly their size, often directors simply order a small outfit and allow the material to stretch around the body of the celebrity wearing it. How tight the latex outfit is determines on how much it effects blood circulation. But like all fashion the celebrity wearing it has to believe they look good int it. If for a second they believe they look silly then the experience will certainly not be very pleasant.

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