Why is #Erotica becoming so popular?


A Taboo Subject

Erotica, for many years, has been the taboo subject that no-one will admit to having read. It used to be kept on the top shelves at bookstores and if you were brave enough to buy one of the old ‘Black Lace’ novels, the book store cashier would give you, ‘the look,’ and then hide it away in a brown paper bag faster than you could pull your purse out to pay for the thing, which is pretty fast if there was a long queue of spectators behind you.

Those days are long gone. Now you can purchase steamy little ebooks from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered straight to your eReader. It’s your little secret. No other soul need know you are reading the raciest book on the planet from the inconspicuous grey back of your iPad/Kindle/tablet etc. In fact, now you can read it on the train, the bus, in your lunch break at work and in front of grandma or kids and no-one will be any the wiser (unless they read over your shoulder and grandma’s are notoriously bad for this, so be careful!)

So why is erotica becoming so popular?

Women love romance, but the tired old ‘Mills and Boon’ formula is becoming dated. So dated, in fact, that even Mills and Boon have updated it. When the company started out in 1908, I bet they had no idea that would be selling steamy, saucy books in the 21st century. The trouble is, that while the heat rating has gone up, the Mills and Boon formula has stayed pretty much the same old, same old. Read one book, read them all.

I don’t want a cardboard cut out formula for my romances. I want something different each time I pick up a book. Something that opens my eyes, something that screams passion and fire and perhaps, a little something to tickle the senses.

Enter 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey and Twilight was romance with bells on. The twisted romance within twilight was great (and Mills and Boon should listen up because they like only one male lead in their romances) and 50 Shades of Grey was exploring the unknown for many. Both novels opened up doors for their readers, who were eager for more of the same. BDSM in effect is Mills and Boon romance (strong alpha male characters abound) but with kinky sex to boot. What’s not to like?

The Long and Short of It?

The modern erotic novel is romance with more depth and often more reality. The older version, not so popular now,  was sex and lots of it, don’t worry about a plot.

I love the Sheik romances at M&B, really I do. But how often do you find twenty one year old virgins in this day and age? More to the point, do men really wait weeks and weeks to be married before they indulge in a spot of the good stuff? That doesn’t mean I don’t get the concept. The fantasy is beautiful and fantasy is what I write. Dark, taboo, erotic fantasies which tease and torment the mind. It’s a little something different from the norm.

The main reasons erotica has seen up upsurge in popularity is because:

  • It is now more readily accessible than ever before
  • You can buy it in the privacy of your own home
  • You can read it anonymously on eReaders
  • The social taboo of reading it is not the same as it once was
  • Society is evolving – we are buying more sex toys than ever before, reading articles on how to improve our sex life and talking about it with our friends. We are no longer as embarrassed by the subject

So, we are beginning to enjoy sex more than ever by reading titillating books and articles and perhaps, exploring some of those ideas in the privacy of our bedrooms with our partners. What better way to get some great ideas for a fun night in, that reading an erotic book?

Erotica – love it or hate it – let me know your thoughts! 🙂



13 thoughts on “Why is #Erotica becoming so popular?

  1. Oh Christina….. I wish I had a five dollar bill for every book I’ve downloaded into my book collection on my iPad, lets just say, you, Bo Peep, and I, and hell a few more of our kinkiest friends would have enough money to have quite a night on the town! So yes I love to read erotica….. But sadly find less time for it now that I have a blog to tend to! What’s not to love….always the alpha Dom male, with hot, sexy, steamy, and most kinky sex? I too read fifty shades, all three books, but that pales in comparison to some of the erotica I read now!

    Hugs friend! Mynx

  2. I think people are beginning to grasp their sexuality as well. It no longer is something to be hidden in the closet and taken out when the lights are out. It is a piece of the whole.

  3. I have to admit I have a kind of hate/love relationship with ebooks at the moment. I love the idea that a whole new world of reading has opened up to me. In South Africa getting a hold of good books can be a trying experience at times. Yes, you cannot walk into a store here and not be attacked by Fifty Shades from the shelves. But the little to no variety we have available in store is sadness personified, really.
    But, my first full length erotica novel I bought was a Black Lace book, Bound in Blue by Monica Belle.
    And NOT having that paperback stare at you whenever you open your bag takes away some of the fun to be had reading erotica.

    • Now that’s an interesting point. So now that’s it freely available on the web, it’s not such a naughty pleasure any more? Like chocolate with no calories – where’s the fun in that 🙂 ?

  4. Erotica has been my fav. genres to write. Even in creative writing classes in college (about 15 years ago), I’d write a series of Sunday rendezvous’ with my best friend’s step-mom. The explicit scenes were enjoyed by the other students but not by the professor…he said that erotica is smut in a different medium. I still kept on writing the series…and he gave me a big fat C-…the dick!

    Anyway, I agree with you 100%. Erotica is getting real, with more tongue-licking, lip-biting umph.

  5. I personally like an actual book to hold if I am going to read. Ebooks are a quick and convenient thing for people since you just click and download and then you have a book to read. I know they are more popular with readers since that’s what we sell the most of. My wife started writing in earnest in her thirties, and now it’s about fifteen years later and here we are.

    When I was younger and at a bookstore with my mom, I would try to be sneaky and get her to buy me a book that explained about a lifestyle, or a book with some sort of sex in it with a plot. This was in the 70’s, and when swinging was out there the most. I don’t remember what the book was called, but it told all about swinging, and even as a kid, I was always interested to learn all about the different lifestyle choices out there. Then it was sneaking around to rad my uncle’s Playboy’s under his bed, and anything else I could get my hands on. It was nice when I turned 18 that I could just go to the store and get whatever I wanted. Now even nearly twenty years later, I’m always looking to learn something new.

    • I was exactly like you, but I am slowly coming around to the idea of kindle ebooks. I don’t have to get rid of them when I’m finished and I can read in the dark now 🙂 But there’s something about holding a paperback that is nice. The cover, the feel and smell of paper… I don’t know, I think paperbacks will be around for a long time to come 🙂

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