How Do You Like Your #Hero?


Mills and Boon say this:

A hero who will command and seduce. There’s nothing in the world his powerful authority and money can’t buy… except the love of a woman strong enough to tame him!

(Take except out replace with including – because he always gets his girl in the end. I dare you to prove otherwise!)

Christina Mandara has a list of Hero attributes:

  • Strong – not necessarily physically but he will be mentally strong and able to overcome all odds eventually. No-one wants a weeping hero.
  • Powerful – this may be reflected in his attitude or status. Hero’s don’t have to be rich, but certainly in the land of ‘The Riding School,’ money would play a factor for all who ventured to the Albrecht Stables. It’s power and abuse of power at the end of the day.
  • Sense of humour – a must for me. Stories lacking humour can sometimes come across as wooden. That doesn’t mean you hero needs to be sarcastic or witty. But it’s nice to interject an amusing scene on occasion, if it fits your book. In real life, I hope most of us have a daily giggle here or there…
  • Self-assured – this should be a guy who knows what he wants and, more importantly, knows how to get it. While he will have obstacles to overcome… nothing will be insurmountable to this guy’s wit and charm.
  • Has a character all of his own – whether dark and brooding or blond and charming, he will have a personality that lights up the page. He might be arrogant, dominant, overbearing, flirtatious, intelligent, funny or sweet, but he will have a stamp all of his own that the heroine of the piece will not be able to resist.
  • A weakness – this can sometimes add a touch of humanity to a character. Hero’s aren’t perfect, just like everybody else on the planet, so give him a weakness and see where the story leads. Can the heroine help him overcome it, can he manage to get over the obstacle on his own… all added excitement for the reader!
  • Alpha Male – the ultimate in sizzling sexual chemistry. He’s at the top of his game, he commands all around him – EXCEPT the heroine. (And she’ll be under his thumb shortly or will it be the other way around?)
  • Believable – if he’s a billionaire, that’s fine – but make him believable. Delve into the character and find out what makes him tick. If he’s the boy-next-door, similarly don’t go making him too much of an alpha male type. One’s sweet and caring, the other’s brutal and efficient – he’s had to be to get where he is!

So, how do you like your hero? Answers on a postcard please or on the comments section below. For those that are looking for the newest exploits of Mark Matthews, Alpha Male Dominant Extraordinaire click here.



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