I want to do with you…


I’m musing today. Why are we all so afraid of our sexuality? Why is sex such a naughty word? Why is nakedness in public an awful thing to behold?

We all came into this world naked and we are (OK, 99% of us) all the product of a sexual relationship. People have sex. All of us know what a naked body looks like (our own) and most of us have a good idea of what the opposite sex’s looks like, too.

So why the embarrassment? Why the shame? Why can’t we embrace the beautiful act that brings life into the world?

I guess I’ll have to ruminate on this one a bit longer…

5 thoughts on “I want to do with you…

  1. I don’t know. But it IS sad. Sex should be celebrated. And I don’t mean like how it’s used in advertising, movies, etc. just to sell something. Sex is how we connect as human beings, creating bonds, or even just having fun and enjoying each other.

  2. Beautiful words from Pablo Neruda. And you raise some good questions. I think temptation with near-nakedness is a big part of media — from commercials to TV to movies (as the the other commenter mentioned). But nakedness and sex are now coming out from the fringes into more mainstream. I think the more works with sex that come out in the mainstream, the more comfortable audiences become. I’m thinking 50 Shades of Grey, Masters of Sex, and blogs like yours. The more these things are part of the discussion, the better.

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