Aftercare Options for a #SPANKED #BOTTOM


You’ve had a damn good spanking. Your tush is delightfully pink and smarting somewhat and thought of sitting on it for eight hours at work tomorrow brings thoughts of both lust and dread.

So, what IS the best aftercare for a spanked rear?

1. Lotion. Lotion is a spank’oed bottom’s best pal. Smother it in a good vitamin E type body lotion and await the deliciously cooling affects of the moisturiser. This will also help soften the skin. You can go for scented or unscented depending on whether you want to waft delicious overtones of vanilla and rose towards your boss each time you get up from your chair.

2. Aloe Vera. It has a delightful cooling effect and will help to soothe all that nasty ‘smarting’ away – it also doubles as a moisturiser. Perfect!

3. A warm bath. Soothe, soften, sink in bubbles, relax, add glass of wine and that abused rear end is going to feel a whole lot better. The trick is to make sure it’s ‘warm’ and not HOT. Hot is going to hurt.

4. Arnica. Taken inΒ tablet form it will help limit bruising after a hard scene. As it’s an all-natural supplement, you haven’t got much to lose by trying this. Vitamin K cream is also reported to have similar benefits.

5. Ice has been suggested, but I’m not sure that I would personally recommend it. First of all, you’d need a heck of a big bag of peas to sit on and secondly, after a few seconds it would probably hurt nearly as much as the spanking itself. Any thoughts on this one, folks?

Let me know what works for you πŸ˜‰


41 thoughts on “Aftercare Options for a #SPANKED #BOTTOM

  1. Pardon the bluntness but surely there’s only one thing to do with a spanked bottom: fuck it. Hard.
    Then you can go for all the kisses and lotion you like… πŸ˜‰

  2. My Master/Daddy almost always ices my tush down after a good spanking or beating. I’ve had really large contusions (swollen bruises) or swollen abrasions and they almost always go away when iced! If you use just a single ice cube it melts rather quickly on the heat of or bottom and it feels rather nice and soothing! It also brings down the swelling at the time!

  3. Great post, Christina, and I agree with the advice. Also, if you write books that have spanking in them, you’re more than welcome to join us on Saturday Spankings, a weekly blog hop where authors post 6-8 sentences (or a few more if the sentences are small) from a WIP or a published book along with a blurb and buy link (if available) so interested readers can follow up with a purchase if they so desire. The hop is open for new authors to sign-up for the following week from midnight Sunday until 9PM Friday. To check it out, google Saturday Spankings and add your link if you’d like to play. It’s free and you may find new readers as well as books you’d like to read.

  4. HI all….so many replies. A cuddle and love is good…it really is. Then any old thing can be massaged into it by the one who loves or cares for you. But if it is me alone with my beaten body, then, I do….nothing. I love seeing the bruises grow, and move. I love the weird welts and the shapes they form. I do not wish them away unless the person who gave them to me massages them, and wants to… in a way, it is as if the question itself makes another question….what next? And it is true that I have even been fucked a couple of times after the spanking….and that also makes sense because it is all there, red, raw….and available.

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  7. Mistress says it should be a powerful sensation for a week. She allowed a drop of aloe but nothing more so it should still feel like just tanned leather. She doesn’t want me procrastinating again…..

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