Orgasms from Pain Alone – Achievable?

So, Orgasms from Pain Alone – Can it be achieved?aabbc1

Having just read a ‘Disciplinarian’ style BDSM book, which features the new trainee initiate orgasming each time she’s whipped or cropped etc. with no clitoral stimulation, I can’t help but wonder if this is slightly fantastical.

I’m not denying the event occurs, but regularly, with just a few strokes of the crop and no touchy-feely – surely not? I’m in the disbelieving camp.

The thought of being spanked may get you excited and with a bit of foreplay, I dare say that a couple of spanks could send you over the edge – but pain alone? Hmmm.

I can understand how being flogged or whipped upon your clit could make you come, but with no clitoral stimulation? I should think it’s a pretty rare event unless you’ve gotten an A+ in Tantric Sex.

So, for research purposes, has anyone out there managed it? No clitoral stimulation beforehand remember – just pain.

If you have, enquiring minds want to know!!!

14 thoughts on “Orgasms from Pain Alone – Achievable?

  1. Once upon a time I fucked a girl doggy style, she was fairly tight so there was a little pain in it for her, she grew tighter and tighter, making me harder and harder. From the pain she suddenly moved away, just a bit, enough for me to slip and hit my head against the wall. It was funny and painful at the same time, 3am in an building, my head slam must of woke up the neighbors. Needless to say it took me around 15 minutes until I was ready to hop on her again. It also left a scar on my forehead for the next week or so.

  2. It has happened on an occasion or two in the 2 years we are playing, and only while spanking Princess. Just spanking. I often start with some soft flogging before grabbing one of the whips or riding crops. I finish off with a good spanking. Hitting her backside in a certain way and angle on a specific spot sends vibrations through Princess’ loins and makes her cum without any other stimulation. So yes, I think it is possible although when it happens it is simply a lucky combination.

    (Very) fierce nipple pinching can almost send Princess over the edge, a mere touch on her clit being the icing on the cake.

  3. Possible, yes, but not for me. For some, pain alone can bring pleasure. However, I’m into pain avoidance, not pain for pleasure. Just call me little miss chicken.

  4. I enjoy pain, and I have orgasmed from having my nipples pinched hard…there’s a direct line between my nipples and pussy, apparently. But I can’t imagine climaxing from the crop, flogger, or any impact play like that. I’ve heard of training someone to orgasm on command – maybe being trained to orgasm from whippings or croppings is possible, too.

  5. Remember that the brain is the biggest sex organ a woman has! Stimulate her mind & her body will cave 🙂

    I can come with pain – biting is my favourite! But I have to be in the right frame of mind. He can’t walk up to me in the middle of the supermarket, bite me & expect me to orgasm. I love impact play; the cane is my absolute favourite thing my Master uses on me. It hurts like hell but it takes my mind to such a yummy place & I have cum after he has caned me with just a touch.

    The thing I hate about stories like that is the way they depict discipline! Discipline is to teach & so, no, it’s not normally fun. It’s something that is a consequence of your action. We don’t use pain as discipline. Pain is play & fun. But from conversations that I’ve had with friends who use punishment in their dynamic it’s never fun & certainly doesn’t end in orgasm!

  6. I don’t have any personal experience with pain, but it stands to reason that if you stimulate a part of your body (e.g. nipples) you can orgasm from just about anyplace if you are responsive there.

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