Taking It All Off

Lady in red skirt undressing

It’s the anticipation

The desperate need

The feel of soft skin

An attempt to be freed

For what do clothes hide

Behind their plush lines

Some wonderful curves

And beauty, unconfined

Rip them all off

Meld flesh to flesh

Entice with the mind

Do battle with the rest

17 thoughts on “Taking It All Off

  1. Missy Jubilee – that’s very kind of you! I would be honoured 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your film, haven’t seen much of you about these parts lately x

    • Yes! There’s so much more to sex than skin on skin. I like the build up, the anticipation and exploding need for fulfilment. Gosh, I’m getting flowery in my old age. ~grins~ Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hey, I love formal. Peplum frill is all the rage in the UK… go get yourself a red number and the frill will fit the ‘fire’ theme perfectly. I can only image who chose ‘fire’ for you. ~grins~

    • I know you. But you’re wrong, you know… I’m VERY cute when I try. When are you available to free me from my clothes btw? I’m ready to do battle with the rest, kind Sir 🙂 PS going by your profile name, I’m guessing you and the insomnia are still comfortable bedfellows? ~grin~

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