Book #Review – The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl


This was a very sweet and realistic tale of the relationship build-up between a submissive and a Dominant. The dynamic between the pair is very believable and the odd touches of angst and humour from both parties will inspire empathy within the reader.

The only complaint I have is that there should have been a definite break between what I would call parts I and II of the book. When you’re reading a chapter and the next chapter goes on a few months ahead with no warning, you’re left a little confused until you manage to piece the pieces together. Having said that, it didn’t detract from what is in my opinion a great story and I suspect that many readers who are exploring the world of D/s after Fifty Shades of Grey will find it a very enjoyable and sexy read.

Here we have two divorcees with their own battles to fight, fighting to overcome all odds and create a budding relationship that can stand the test of children and all the other ups and downs life throws at them. I wonder where this will go next…?

Roll on Book Two, Ms Lords!

If you’d like to grab a copy for yourself, click on the image above 😉

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