Submission – Not for the Weak


There’s a school of thought that says ‘submissives’ are weak. I beg to differ. Being submissive in the bedroom is one of the hardest tasks in the world and requires far more courage than being ‘Dominant.’ If you sign up to be a submissive you have to place complete trust in your partner and give up some, if not all of your control. Anyone who says that’s an easy path to take has never been there… that’s for sure.

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24 thoughts on “Submission – Not for the Weak

    • Hey, I’m not saying you Dominants have an easy of time of it… I know it’s a tough gig. It’s just not quite as scary for you in my humble opinion. But what do I know? πŸ˜‰

  1. Dear C, it is true. It is hard to be submissive….but I think it also takes bravery to be a good and responsible dominant too….I think the roles in our game are all hard. But that is a nice thing to say! x

  2. I find being submissive in the bedroom the easiest place to be submissive. It’s obedience in other areas of my life that is sometimes a challenge… ok, lots of times a challenge….
    But being a dominant seems much, much harder. Thank God there are two sides to each coin πŸ™‚ xx

    • Well, it’s only my viewpoint… and I switch from time to time… but I find being Dominant quite easy. Giving up control? Now that’s a whole new kettle of crazy fish. It’s a ‘here is my body, go for your life… arrrghh kinda ride.’ But yes, there is always two sides to each coin and I appreciate that being dominant has many challenges all of its own πŸ™‚

  3. The true submissive’s I have come to know both personally and in real life and through the many social-media outlets such as this venue here, are anything but weak. In fact, I know I could never be attracted to a woman/submissive who exhibited that trait.

    The real submissive’s I allude to above are true to their ideals, loving in their life-style’s choice, strong, independent, open-minded, yes, and very nurturing and compassionate to the Dominance that is equally given to enhance their submissiveness along with being incorporated and accepted in relationship.

    A good Dominant who wants to really experience a true and nurturing D/s relationship, in my opinion, could not expect less and would know the strength in a strong independent submissiveness.

  4. This was quite the thought provoking post…a lot of great comments and perspectives. It may be that being what you are not is greatest challenge. If you are naturally inclined to dominant behavior in most facets of your life…taking it into the bedroom may not be that great of shift. However, if you are dominant in most areas of your life, being submissive is a huge shift and the contrast probably makes it even that much more erotic…a more intense “mind fuck”.

  5. Yes, definitely submission is not for the faint of heart. Having switched a few times, I have to say it also takes a lot of guts to accept heartfelt, deep submission. (Unless you think you *deserve* submission without question. In which case you’re an entitled ass and I don’t want to play with you! πŸ™‚ ) Maybe that’s just because I’m primarily submissive, but that level of responsibility for someone’s heart and soul as well as body is both hot and terrifying to me.

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