The correct way to deliver a #SPANKING! #BDSM


Are you spanking in the right place? Believe it or not, there is a science to spanking. Spank too high and you could cause serious injury, spank too low and you risk damaging the soft skin of the upper thighs. You want to focus your attention on the peaks or ‘convex’ shape of the buttocks and a delightful pink colour to those cheeks won’t do your subject too much harm. A few extra swats here and there is fine, but remember to dole these out sparingly and with caution in mind. Spanking is not an exact science but there is a definite art to it.


While it’s true that there are many positions  in which you can deliver a damn good spanking, you should always consider the safety of your subject or ‘spankee’ first. Don’t balance them somewhere and hope they don’t fall off – spankee’s are squigglers! Make sure they are secure either by means of your own body holding them in place or with a few additional restraints or ropes to make sure they don’t travel too far. Spankees usually like restraints, believe it or not 😉

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Hope everyone manages to get a few spanks in this weekend either by being the Spanker or enjoying them as the spankee. Woohoo – the weekend is nearly upon us 😉

16 thoughts on “The correct way to deliver a #SPANKING! #BDSM

  1. Squigglers….I think you may have coined a new term…..
    As for tempering said squiggling ..that is where some rope and cuffs come in very handy, or bondage tape, or chain..or…

  2. I’m a lifelong OTK spanker; your insight is spot on. Especially the areas of the bottom to spank- from mid cheeks to thigh tops. A technique I like – when spanking with a strap or hairbrush – leave your naughty girl’s panties rumpled across the pretty line that seperates her bottom and thigh tops. This will allow you to spank longer with your chosen implement while offering your spankee some measure of protection while she’s “squiggling” across your knee….. And it makes for a very pretty picture!

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