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Erotica, BDSM, Bondage and More… interview with Christina Mandara

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Today, I am delighted to welcome Christina Mandara.
L. R. How did you start writing BDSM?
C. M. With a pencil.
Aha! At about 35,000 feet in the air, bored senseless on a long-haul flight. Some airlines have really bad movies.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and I have half a ton of unfinished manuscripts on my laptop – in genres ranging from romance, paranormal through sci-fi. BDSM is just too much fun. I love the power-play and the discipline. I’m a sucker for romance and even though my books are very dark, there will be heart-warming (and tortured) romance element inside them. All of that glorious passion and emotion is too much to resist!
L. R. What inspires you?
C. M. I live in a constant daydream with all my characters and they stay in the back of my head as I work through my day. Driving, music and that wonderful space between lying down at night and dreaming inspires me.
L. R. What are you currently working on?
C. M. I’m now about 20,000 words through ‘A Rough Ride’ which is the fifth book in the Pony Tales series. I’m really enjoying myself. I’m now writing about Jenny’s specially designed latex catsuit – also known as ‘The device’  – which is going to torment her to the brink of orgasm for two whole days with no respite. Oh yum.
L. R. What is your daily routine?
C. M. Wake up. Brush teeth. Brush hair. KIDDING! If you meant what is my daily routine with regards to writing then I’ll be honest and say I write for about two hours in the evening. That’s it. I put my head down, plug in my iPod and I write. Some days I’ll write just three hundred words and others over a thousand. I like the sexy scenes! It’s the inbetween filling I have trouble with, believe it or not.
L. R. Do you enjoy BDSM in real life?
C. M. Yes! And like my author bio says, I really do have two riding crops stored away in my closet. I’m what they call a switch. Sometimes I like being dominant and wielding instruments of torment upon my partner and other times I like to be the submissive at the mercy of another. I love it when someone can get inside your head and cause your body to go into melt down.
L. R. Where would you like to live?
C. M. If I spoke French fluently, I’d love to live in the south of France but to be honest, I’m happy living in a tiny, sleepy village in the UK. I’m at one with nature. Sheep, cows, chickens… and no, I don’t do that kind of thing. I’m English. The Welsh, however…
L. R. What are your favorite shoes?
C. M. HAHA. I HATE SHOE SHOPPING. Yes, you heard it here first. I’m a girl and I hate shoe
shopping. When I do get around to buying them I love boots and I adore really high heels. I can walk on 5 inch spikes with relative ease although I might go around slightly crippled for a few days afterward. Just in case you were wondering if I really am a girl – I LOVE SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES and painting my toenails red, the list goes on…
L. R. What is your favorite quote?
C. M. “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Muhatma Ghandi
L. R. Is writing your primary job?
C. M. It would be if it paid the bills. I’m hoping that maybe one day it will. I’ve had so many jobs over the years and so much fun travelling that I have no complaints with regards to work. Who was it that said ‘Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?’ Whoever he/she was, they were right.
L. R. Sell your book in only nine words
C. M. Ooh tough. Those words don’t count. Hmm.
A dark, BDSM adventure into the world of pony-girls and sexual-slavery.
In case you were wondering, I can’t count and I’m terrible at condensing things.
She can be reached at the following rest stops:
March 18, 2014

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Christina Mandara

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