#Spanking 101 – Spank in layers and a note on severity


Yes, we’re talking spanking again. Today we’ll talk about the warm-up. It’s always a good idea (and hugely sexy!) to spank through clothes (layers) to start with, to get your spankee warmed up for the main event. You can then begin removing layers, one by one, until just bare skin and your spanking implement remain. This gets the flesh used to the idea of a spanking, without delivering intense pain with no warning. This type of spanking will build the heat up gently and while it’s still bound to be a bit sore by the end of the session, with any luck your sub won’t be screaming blue murder at you.


Some positions offer a greater a greater degree of pain on the ‘spanking severity’ scale than others. This is due to how tightly the skin of the buttocks is stretched and how tightly the muscles are tensed. If you’re lying down, the chances are you’re in a good position to receive a spanking and it isn’t going to hurt all that much. If you’re in the diaper position or bending down and touching your toes – you’re in for quite a ride. It should be noted that lying down or bending over the bed, will give the spankee the chance to squiggle and squirm – enabling them to release some of their tension and ease their pain somewhat. The diaper position or the touch toes position prevents all but the smallest of movements, so in theory – this willΒ  increase the suffering of the spankee.

Spanking 101 brought to you with help from: http://gayboyslife69.tumblr.com/post/77790381573

12 thoughts on “#Spanking 101 – Spank in layers and a note on severity

  1. As you may already know, I’m an over the knee enthusiast. It’s a wonderfully shameful position for a spankee to be in; deliciously vulnerable. And it’s nice to know that you can spank longer over the knee because a naughty fanny is in a better position to take her ‘punishment’. There’s nothing like a good long over the knee spanking. Mmmmmm…..

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