Flash Fiction – The #BLINDFOLD


Chase dumped her on the bed. There was little else he could do with her. She had not eaten in over twenty four hours. With the desperate dash they’d needed to complete in order to escape the building she’d been holed up in, she was now utterly spent.

“You OK?” It was a stupid question. He knew she wasn’t. The men who had captured her had been planning to rape her or torture her, or perhaps both and he didn’t know if they’d succeeded.

She shook her head. Well, at least she was honest. There was no tough-girl demeanour today. It would take a while for her to get a grip on what had just happened and he suspected she’d be in floods of tears before long.

“I’m going to boil the kettle, get you a cup of sugary tea. It looks like you need it.”

She nodded her head in acceptance, but her eyes were vacant, bleak little portals which said something about the state of her mind right now. She was not in a good place. He flipped the switch to get the hot water started and put a couple of tea bags into some mugs. His heart rate had already gone back to normal and the hands which poured boiling water into the two cups in front of him were rock steady. Spooning three teaspoonful’s of sugar into her cup, to help her deal with the shock, he brought the mug over to the bed and helped her cup her hands around it.

“You want to talk to me?” It was best to get these things out in the open. The sooner he knew what he was dealing with, the sooner he could help her. Silence met his statement. He could deal with anger, he could help with tears, but the silence frustrated him as nothing else could. Taking a sip of the steaming brew, she shuddered at the sugar level but managed to keep the liquid down. Her eyes finally turned to his.

“I want you to fuck me.”

Chase didn’t manage to keep his mouthful of tea down. He spluttered it all over the room.

“You want to want? OK, scrap that question. I heard you the first time. The answer’s no. We’ve been through this. I know you’re way past the age of consent these days, but your father would still kill me. He’s the one that pays for my protection of you. You want to risk not having me close by?” He wanted to talk sense into her. Getting up close and personal to each other was a folly he couldn’t afford if he wanted to keep his job.

“If you hadn’t rescued me, I would have died a virgin. A cossetted, indulged, pampered little princess who hasn’t even managed to get a member of the opposite sex horizontal for long enough to have fun with. I could be there again next week, captured and chained Chase, and you know it. There are crazies everywhere at the moment. If I am, I don’t want any regrets next time. You owe me that much, Chase. You’ve helped curtail my freedom to the best of your ability and this is the end result. It’s payback time.”

It was his turn to embrace the silence as her words sunk home. Well, at least that meant she hadn’t been mistreated at the hands of her captors. He didn’t look at her as he digested the thoughts of tumbling her on the bed and damned if he didn’t get an instant erection. It would be so easy. She was right. He did bear some responsibility for all that happened today and he had been the one to chase off her boyfriends in the past. He didn’t realise she was still untouched though. He had no idea quite how successful his methods had been. Goddamn.

“We can’t. I can’t keep a level head and try to protect you if we become emotionally involved and you do not want a quick romp in the hay. The answer’s still no. We’ll try and find you someone suitable as soon as you get your ass on a plane and back home.”

“A quick fuck is exactly what I want right now, Chase. I am fully aware that you have nothing more to offer me. Tomorrow may be too late. I want it now and I want to experience pleasure and passion with a man that I find reasonably attractive, then I want to get the hell out of this godforsaken hole. I can then go back to my boring old existence and find a nice husband who’ll show me exactly how awful a lay you are.”

“I’ll spoil you for anyone else that you happen to come across, darlin. So don’t push this.” Her skirt was torn and it was revealing a whole delightful expanse of thigh that he shouldn’t be looking at. His calm, unflustered heart rate had just managed to get ten thousand volts slammed through it. Murderers no problem, virgins were near heart attack material, apparently. Great. He was in the wrong job.

He turned his attention to her, intending to reiterate yet another unequivocal ‘no,’ only to find there were tears in her eyes. Shit. Kicking, scratching and biting he could deal with. Tears could be a problem. “Don’t let the floodgates open, for God’s sake.” He held his hands up in a gesture of defeat. “Just for the record, I think this is a bad idea.  But I guess if you really want this here and now you’d better get naked, darlin.”

He figured if he could goad her into anger or embarrassment, this little passing phase would end and he’d be off the hook. He stared at her intently. He loved it when she blushed and, yes, there it was – a tell-tale stain of red rising up her cheeks. Beautiful. It was accompanied by her ripped sweater being tugged over her head. Shit. Shit. Shit. She was really going to do this. He practically drooled as she quickly revealed a delicate lace bra, holding up twin, pert breasts that he had ached to tongue on more than one occasion. Before he could get his head around that, her skirt was viciously tugged and the poor fabric didn’t stand a chance in the state it was in, one tug and the material spit in two. She simply let it rest either side of her, and, oh god, the panties matched the bra. His attention was briefly diverted from salivating for a moment, to discover mottled bruises beginning to form over her arms and legs. Her captors had obviously been none too gentle with her. The thought of anyone mistreating her made him murderous and fierce anger rose anew for the vicious bastards who had done this to her. He wanted to kill them. If they’d taken her innocence, he’d have wanted to annihilate their families as well.

As she hooked her hand under the back clasp of her bra, he stopped her in her tracks. “Don’t,” he said roughly, his tongue oddly thick in his mouth, “you’ll spoil all my fun.”

Lucile withdrew her hand, which was visibly shaking and she looked at him with her cloudy grey eyes, swimming in unshed tears and whispered, “Now what?”

“Now you lie down and pull that blindfold back over your eyes.” She immediately began a protest, small squeaking sounds in her throat, which he instantly silenced. “You either do it, or we don’t do this.” He was trying desperately hard here to be a good guy. He needed to get out of here alive, and if he took her they’d both be in trouble. He was beginning to wonder just how much will power he had though, because right now, he wasn’t at all sure he could walk away from this. The dilemma was solved for him as she lay her body back down on the bed obediently and pulled the black blindfold, which had been resting on her neck, back up over her eyes.

Fuck. He’d be lying if he said he was disappointed, though. He felt blood course through his body and prayed for deliverance. He’d fought this attraction for years and now, somebody, somewhere, saw fit to reward his patience. It was no use. All of his good intentions had now flown out of the window and there was no backing away from this. Not now.

He watched as she shivered on the bed. She was still in shock. He needed to get her warm and hell if this wasn’t exactly the right way to do it. Ripping off his shirt and tearing out the belt from his jeans, he got up onto the bed and straddled his legs either side of her. Keeping most of his weight on his forearms, he lowered his body onto her and let his warmth seep into her. She’d be able to feel his erection pressing against her thighs and if she wanted to run, she’d need to do it quickly. “If you want to pull out of this, now’s the time to say so, sweetheart. Soon, we’ll be going past the point of no return. We clear?”

“Kiss me,” she whispered. Her shaking had calmed somewhat but hadn’t disappeared altogether.  The girl was fighting her fear. Of what exactly, it was unclear. Him? Her experience with her kidnappers? Sex? If it was sex, he could do something about that in short order.

“You got it, darlin.” His tongue descended upon her lips and traced a soft, wet path around her lips. She instinctively opened them for him, which was just as well. He wanted to explore. The warmth of her mouth was at odds with the coolness of her body, but he’d make sure everything was as warm as toast by the time he’d finished with her. He used the gentle pressure of his lips and soft, slow caresses of his hand up her waist to try and soothe her. Beneath the material of the blindfold she would be lulled into a false sense of security. He would give her the considerate, patient lover at first. Hell, he’d make her come again and again until she cried out for mercy, but when he did take her – he intended to make sure she knew about it. There would be nothing gentle about his lovemaking at that point because his restraint was already at breaking point. Had been for years.

His tongue swirled in her mouth, coaxing hers to join it. She did with only a momentary hesitation. She might not have much experience with actual sex, but the woman beneath him knew how to kiss. Her tongue lapped and duelled, stroked and flicked with an artful skill. She had him groaning in a matter of seconds. As his hand cupped a breast, beautifully encased in flirty black lace, he rubbed his thumb over a nipple that was just beginning to peek through the fabric. She groaned and pushed her body up into his hands. Reluctantly pulling away from her lips, he let himself trace a lingering wet path down the valley of her neck, across the curve of her collar bone and down towards those tantalising whisps of lace. They would have to go. He wanted to see those glorious twin peaks naked. One hand snaked around her back and with a quick flick of his fingers the clasp gave way and he simply pushed the bra upwards, out of his way. His mouth, however, descended downwards. Taking a nipple into his mouth, he suckled at the rosy nub until she cried out in his arms. It was a lovely sound. He wondered if he could make her come like this. Lathing at her areola with his tongue, he held her tight as she jumped and squirmed over the bed. He raised his head to chuckle briefly. “You like that, eh?” He didn’t wait for an answer, quick to get back to his task and repeat his ministrations on the other breast.

“Chase, please. Oh God, please,” she whimpered. She began to tear at the blindfold over her eyes and he gripped her hand in his. “Keep it there. It makes everything more intense. You have to concentrate on what you feel, not what you can see.” It would also relax her, bizarrely enough, shutting out the cold hotel room and unfamiliar surroundings until she was firmly enmeshed in some beautiful fantasy land, far, far away from here. Hopefully with him.

His tongue moved lower. He spiralled it this way and that towards her navel. Her lithe body writhed beneath him and her flesh began to heat. His fingers traced a path up the insides of her thighs. He already knew she would be wet for him. The chemistry they shared was brutal but its draw and power were unmistakeable. He moved the tiny panties aside and slid a single finger inside her core. Lucile’s body arced off the bed in a beautiful line. Goddamn, the woman was an angel before him. Her long, dark hair was a tangled mess upon the sheets both above and below the blindfold. Another finger joined the first.

“Chase, please. I need… I need…” But the woman had no idea what she needed. He did. His mouth descended and sucked at her clitoris through the satiny fabric of her pants. Her fingernails began to tear a path of frustration down his back, so he grabbed her wrists and held them down by her sides.

“Easy, sweetheart. Just let yourself go. Feel it build up within you and let yourself go.” He pushed the panties aside and then his tongue flicked at her clit as his fingers began to move inside her. He watched as her hips bucked up and down in a frantic attempt to dislodge him. One last suckle and she’d be over the edge. His mouth clamped down as his fingers thrust back and forth.

His little angel screamed the nicest scream.


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