The Modern Day #Cinderella – What would you wish for?

I want a shot at passing the bar


So, I’m curious. If the Cinderella story were to be rewritten in this day and age, what would Cinderella ask of her fairy godmother? Would she still desire a Prince or is that little outdated? Personally, if she popped up in a cloud of dust outside my bedroom I’d probably ask her to grant a naughty fantasy or two – I’ve no real wish to marry a Prince (in fact, the thought would horrify me!) Imagine all those stuffy functions, wearing out the muscles in your right arm with all that waving and getting disapproving looks from the King/Queen when you made a mess of things. Not to mention having fifteeen forks and spoons at each meal setting… So I’ll settle for naughtiness, Ms Godmother, if you please 🙂

Answers on a postcard please or on the comments section below if you prefer 😉

11 thoughts on “The Modern Day #Cinderella – What would you wish for?

  1. A very good question… my guess is that some modern-day Cinderellas wouldn’t mind being Princess Kate Middleton (or whatever her title is), but other ladies might rather head the law firm that sues the Evil Queen for malpractice. Have you thought of re-writing the Cinderella story as erotica? I bet it would make for a good story 🙂

  2. Well, I hope she would still want a pair of fabulous shoes. I don’t think that part has changed. Unfortunately, these days she would also probably wish for a boob job too. Personally, I would wish for more hours in the day and someone else to clean my castle. Perhaps my ugly step-sisters could clean while wearing extremely uncomfortable bondage gear.

    • LOL! Oh yes, shoes. Definitely need a pair of those and I’m with you on the Castle Cleaner! ~Grin~ I’ll pass on the boob job, though 😉 Love your sense of humour Margo!!!

  3. Hmmm, I think I’d wish for a bit of kinky fuckery with the man I love…uninterrupted kinky fuckery…rough, dirty, nasty kinky fuckery…what were we talking about? 😉

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