Separating Fact and Fiction – Where do your Readers Stand?



I write in a dark fantasy land that has no place in reality. It’s fantastic that my readers think it does. I’ve had reviews on Goodreads that berate me for creating a place that would have it’s owner sued out of commission if he/she were discovered. They also tell me that my establishment would be liable for prosecution in the US.

Hell, do they think having a pony-girl farm full of sex slaves that haven’t signed up to be there is legal in ENGLAND? Ahem. I’ve got news for you.

Now, I live in England and I can tell you this, I haven’t seen any farms full of naked sex slaves lately (oh woe is me!!!) – but if anyone does find some, let me know at your earliest possible convenience 😉


I am firm believer in safe, sane and consensual sex. If you’re in a D/s relationship then you make sure you play safe. This is real life. You have real sex in real life and you only get to live once. 


In fantasy fiction land, however, anything goes and I write for my titillation as much as anyone else’s. So I write dark, depraved and nasty. To give it a touch of realism here and there, I’ll add little safety snippets and precautions –  but I won’t bog the story down with them. I have bullies in my books, I have sadists and, the odd good guy (ish) if you can find him. It’s erotic suspense. I want butterflies that will drop your stomach down fifty stories, I want drama and I want tears. It’s an emotional journey.


You don’t read superman and expect to be able to fly off skyscrapers, right? You don’t read Stephen King and expect that everything he writes is a common everyday occurrence in the world. You don’t read about fairies and witches and then go in search of spell 101, love potion for downright dashing millionaires, please? Fiction is fantasy, hence the term. Non-fiction is reality. Check the label 😉

If I can write something that is so out-there in fantasy land and have people believe it’s almost real – well, I guess that is one of the greatest compliments I could ever be paid – and I really do appreciate all the reviews – good or bad because they all help make the next book a little bit better.

Can I just say this though? Safe, sane & consensual please. Sex – yes please and lots of it 🙂


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  2. That kind of feedback you describe strikes me as odd. It makes me wonder if the people who wrote those reviews also roll their eyes at “Alice in Wonderland” and “Doctor Who” as being completely fantastical. Or is it because you don’t have time travel or talking bunnies in your stories that people think they’re supposed to be grounded in reality?

    I haven’t had this kind of feedback — yet. I haven’t highlighted on my blog my novella that focuses on a fantastical, sex-friendly club. But I just might get this feedback when I do.

    How has your experience been (besides this) with Goodreads? I haven’t tried that out yet.

  3. Here, here! I think some readers forget that they’re reading fiction. I once received a bad review because the threesome sex scene wasn’t safe enough…I wanted to respond with a “Well, if you take everything you read literally, clearly my story wasn’t written for you” – but I didn’t. Le sigh.

    • Kayla, I particularly enjoyed one of the comments on your posts recently that indicated what you posted about couldn’t possibly be real, that it had to be fantasy. LOL. Uh….no. There are people, sane, good, intelligent, people that enjoy kink and D/s honey… it IS real.. 🙂

      • /giggles. Exactly!

        I signed up for a blogging event/thing this month called AdultSexEdMonth – just so I could hopefully show that D/s is quite real…and yes, the sex CAN be that good. 😀

  4. An excellent post Christina, to many people these days confuse fiction with fact. The same goes with the images people see surrounding BDSM on the net. Those images are for the most part extreme and are shot under strict supervision.
    At our local meetings they are promoting a new saying; R.A.C.K which stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink.
    Know the Risks of what you are doing
    Be aware of things that could go wrong
    Last but not least…any and all kinks engaged upon must be consensual.

  5. Being English and living in Canada, I can tell you that many North Americans don’t ‘get’ irony or sarcasm. If people believe our stories to be real (and I’m guessing this applies to many ‘real’ stories in our genre) then there’s clearly something wrong with the education system.

  6. That’s funny that people are fussing about your writing; that means you are making them feel and they don’t know if they like that. Some of Jolynn’s readers fuss because she sucks people into her books and it makes them feel. There was one lady that said even though she didn’t like it, and had put the book down, she had to pick it up and finish it because she had to find out what happened. I have to read them multiple times and I only said something because she killed off a character that I liked in one book, and in another I wanted a sequel.

    When we get our farmette I’ll let you know when for sure, since I’ll be rounding up some ponies to fill the stalls. One of our friends has a pony cart and people get rides around the property at their house in the summer. 😉

  7. Fantasy fiction should be enough for most people. Then again we do live in a world where anything can happen. It does boggle the mind that people would think there’s a sex slave pony farm out there somewhere in England, Lol. And Always play well as R.A.C.K.. Keep writing those stories Christina..

    • Oh so true! We love Safe. sane and consensual here! Tis a shame, though. Wouldn’t mind seeing the odd sex slave pony-girl farm on a drive through the country 🙂 ~Grin~

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