The Secret to Multiple #ORGASMS



A multiple orgasm is defined as having more than one orgasm is a single love making event.

So, how to go above achieving this delightful feat? Well, let’s get our orgasm types straight f irst:

Compound Singles – where you have reasonable breaks of five minutes or more in between each one

Sequential Multiples – where there are only two to three minutes between orgasms

Serial Multiples – one after the other, or literally just seconds apart


So how do you go above achieving this feat? Here are some tips to get that orgasm multiple ball rolling:

  1. Relaxation – the more relaxed you are during sexual activities the more likely you will be to achieve orgasm or multiples of the same!
  2. Stimulate different spots – if you’ve just orgasmed and your clitoris is hyper sensitive, go for your g-spot and rock yourself all the way to O-word heaven.
  3. The clitoris is not the only way to have an orgasm – nipples, vagina and anus all stimulated in the correct way can have you screaming down the house, so the key is experimentation – and lots of it!
  4. Timing is important. If your lover is going too fast for you, let him know. Slow his movements down and what would have become one orgasm may well continue into the next with a slow and steady rhythm. Tiny movements can produce maximum results!
  5. Lubrication or ‘setting the scene’ is important. Read a naughty book, watch a naughty film or discuss naughty thoughts before the act of lovemaking. Revving yourself up to maximum arousal point will increase your chances of multiple success.
  6. Work on your stomach muscles. If you want to achieve multiples in the missionary position you’ll need to tilt your pelvis to get the ‘rub’ just right. This requires good abdominal control. Get it aligned perfectly and stay in position for a greatly extended orgasm or a series of multiples.
  7. Tilt those hips up. It shortens the vaginal channel and makes pleasure easier to achieve.
  8. Lubrication – natural or shop bought, this is the key to orgasm – some beautifully long strokes with little friction. Invest in a good non-tacky lubricant for hours of sex-play fun.
  9. Naughty thoughts – let those naughty thoughts run rampant during the act and you’ll be spurring yourself on to orgasm. Run all those delicious fantasies through your head again and again, and your body will do the rest. The possibilities are endless.

Are you a multiple orgasmer? Share your secrets with the world and leave a comment in the box below. We wanna hear from you πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “The Secret to Multiple #ORGASMS

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  2. My musts for multiple orgasms are
    1. give it time, orgasm is not always a quickie event.
    2. communication of what I like and need a partner to do to assist me in the process.
    3. my favorite vibrator.

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