The Craziest Items Inserted into a #Rectum – Accidentally? You tell me.



Ten of the Craziest Items inserted into a Rectum:

1. Keys:

Don’t forget to check your bum if you have already searched high and low for your car keys but can’t find them?


2. Vibrator And Salad Tongs:

It doesn’t take rocket science to crack this case. As if getting a vibrator stuck in his bum wasn’t enough to send this man to the Emergency Room he simply attempted to remove the stuck object by using a pair of salad tongs and the tongs got stuck, too!


3. Live Ammunition:

According to a London World War 2 veteran, he was suffering from terrible hemorrhoids, which he used to reduce with a live artillery shell. One day, he pushed the shell too far into the rectum. The shell became stuck in his rectum, and when he went to the Emergency Room to get it removed, he admitted that the shell was live and could explode at any time. A bomb squad was called to the hospital to assist in the removal of the shell.


4. Peanut Butter Jar:

We wonder how did he out it up there.


5. A Bottle Of Perfume:


A 39-year-old married white male lawyer went to the ER to get a bottle of Impulse Body Spray removed from his anus. This was not the first time he had shoved this object up his arse, but this time it got stuck. After attempting to remove it using a back-scratcher, he eventually had to go to the doctor to have it removed. No news on whether or not his wife got her perfume back.


6. A Ringing Cell Phone:

Another lawyer (what is wrong with lawyers?) from Georgia was reportedly showering with his cell phone, when he slipped and fell, getting the phone lodged firmly up his backside. It was removed surgically.


7. A Pint Glass:


Upside down!


8. A Flashlight:

Probably he was using the flashlight to find his car keys. Because It’s dark in there.


9. A Toy Car:

This incident was not an accident, it was intentional. The late Ryan Dunn of the television show Jackass intentionally inserted a Matchbox car into his rectum just to mess with the ER doctors.

10. Snooker Ball:


You know how it goes: You and a friend are betting a wager on a game of pool/snooker and the next thing you know the loser has to shove a snooker ball up their arse. We cannot help but think: What if this was a Magic 8 Ball? 8 Ball, do I need to shove you up my ass? 8 Ball: “It is decidedly so.”

11. Coke Bottle:


We wonder…was it a regular or a diet? I wonder if one of them is harder to get in the rectum than the other? You can see the bottle of pop sticking a little bit outside of the anus. We would have been there for 48 trying to get this out before waddling to the doctors and explaining.  Just another thought: Do you think they drank the pop before shoving it up?

12. Whisk:


You aren’t going to find anything up there to whisk, my friend. “Hey, darling! Have you seen the whisk, I want to make some pudding?” “No, my sweetheart! I have not seen it.” “Why are you walking funny?” Ohhhh, I fell down at work and I hurt my tail bone. I will be half an hour, I just need to pop out. “

13. Cassette Tape:


As you are aware, cassette tape are now obsolete. They just sit around and take up wanted space. What to do with them? I know, how about shove them up your arse? Well one individual did just that. They shoved one that far up that they must have though their anus was a cassette player.

14. Sunglasses:


Wow, we have heard the saying “stick it where the sun doesn’t shine”, but you are not supposed to take it literally…are you? Maybe the sun was shining and the guy thought that if he inserted some sunglasses then it would help with the glare. Next time, open one side of the sunglasses and keep a tight grip of it, unless the arm snaps off and then you have lost it.

15. Light Bulb:


Haha! And we thought the peanut butter jar was bad, as it was made out of glass. I mean a light bulb is that fragile that we have nearly broken a few with our hands just trying to screw the darn things in! I wonder if the person then tried to hook a battery to the bulb to see if it worked.

16. Buzz Lightyear:


“To infinity…and beyond!”  You aren’t supposed to take Buzz Lightyear’s quote seriously. Haha, he was also shoved up feet first. We are not saying we would do this, but the helmet would have been definitely easier on your rectum if it went first…don’t you think?

17. Gun:

It’s not clear what the target was here, but thanks to human anatomy, it probably didn’t take much for this sharp shooter to get the gun just where he wanted it: the rectum is actually curved, just like the shape of a pistol. Let’s just hope it wasn’t loaded.


18. Knife:

This patient said he had brought his knife along on an ocean fishing trip, to cut bait and clean his catch. How did it end up in this unexpected tail? “I was fishing, and I must have fallen asleep and rolled around on the ground where the knife was. Next thing I knew, I had this knife in me,” he said, according to the authors.


19. Vibrating Dildo:


A quite a large vibrating dildo is seen in this x-ray, which is beyond the point of self-retrieval in rectosigmoid of this patient.

20. A Cement Enema:

We saved the weirdest story for last. During a kinky sex session, two homosexual men decided to try something new. One man lay down and let the other man pour liquid cement into his anus using a funnel. Yes, really.
Naturally, the cement didn’t stay liquid for long, and when it hardened it became a huge mass of cement that had to be surgically removed.

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Christina Mandara: OK, sign me up for the bottle of perfume why don’t you? EEP!

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