A Rough Ride – Book Five of Pony Tales #Teaser

A Rough Ride


OK, it’s about time I released a teaser. So here you go. The talk is on Jenny’s new latex catsuit ‘The Device’ and I’m not sure she’s all too thrilled with the idea of it. I suspect she’ll have some fun, though ;0)


“Tiny wires are situated all over the insides of her new catsuit and will pulse electrical current through her body in order to keep her aroused and stimulated. The suit features a special ‘chasity belt’ which will be locked in place automatically and a timer will be set for the duration of forty-eight hours, whereupon the locking mechanism will be released automatically. The chastity belt itself features two dildos which, although initially quite small and comfortable in size, can be inflated, elongated and pulsed within her body. There is a clitoral stimulator which will be fitted with precision around either side of her clitoris and a tiny pincer-like contraption will reside above it. If the internal computer contained within her suit decides she is becoming too aroused, she will received a sharp nip for her troubles and all titillating sensations will cease abruptly. The suit will then decide when to restart its devious ministrations. There might be as much as thirty minutes between near orgasms, or there could be less than two. As you can imagine, little sleep will be achieved in a suit that turns its victim’s body into an orgasmic ticking time-bomb. More laughter echoed around the corridor.

“Can such a suit be purchased from Albrecht? For the use of our own slaves, perhaps?” The gentleman who asked the question was tall, obviously French judging by his accent and his face was screwed up in fierce concentration.

“I’m not sure,” replied Matthius, who had little to do with the inner dealings of Albrecht, “but for a price, pretty much everything is for sale around here.” He turned his head back over his shoulder and gave an exaggerated, cheeky wink to the spellbound participants.

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