Instantaneous #Orgasms



Instantaneous Orgasms

‘Look at me.’ Jenny’s eyes looked everywhere but at him. ‘I said look at me.’ The words were pure poison and he spat them out. She had no choice but to look at the source of such malevolence and his dark brown eyes shot fire from their depths. Letting his fingernail bite harder, he whispered, ‘You don’t get to choose anymore. I own your body. I tell it what to do and when to do it. If I want you to come, I’ll say ‘come,’ and your body will rush to obey my bidding. You’ll be trained to within an inch of your miserable life to do exactly as I say. I can teach you to orgasm every time my cock touches the back of your throat or every time I decide to take that deliciously sexy ass of yours.’ Jenny’s head swished back and forth in horror at what he was saying. ‘There’s no point you shaking your head at me. You need only ask your stabled friends and they will confirm every last word I’ve just said.’ The pressure at her earlobe increased and twin tears streaked down from her eyes. Her hips began thrusting in earnest, even though she tried desperately to stop them.

‘You’re going to be my precious little pet and in the end, your body will respond instantly to any command I give it. I have trained girls to go into instantaneous orgasm upon my entrance to a room. You will be one of them. I will lavish as much of my care, attention and generosity that I am able to bestow upon you and in return, you will reward me with your obedience. You, my dear, will be the perfect picture of submission. There will be nothing left in that pretty little head of yours, except the desire to please me. You will hang on my every word and your body will pine for mine in its absence. You will be lost without me.’ Another desperate shake of her head and an angry, strangled scream met that comment. He merely smiled. ‘I’ve done it before, Petal, and I can easily do it again. All it takes is time. I’m not someone you can fight and I always get my way in the end. You’ll be ruined for every other man in the universe when I’ve finished with you, so I’d give in gracefully if I were you.’ Another, long, gurgled scream spewed forth from her lips.

Mark suddenly released the pressure on her earlobe, which had now gone purple under the tight nip of his nails. He turned to face Lyle, who’s bleached white face was looking down upon them both with a look of horror. Looking pointedly at his watch, he said sweetly, ‘Your time’s up, Ranulph, before nudging Jenny in the stomach with his expensive, tan leather Italian loafer and murmuring the single word, ‘Come.’

In a maddened fury, she did exactly that, unable to stop the firestorm coursing through her overstimulated body. Tumbling over and rolling back and forth upon the wet blades of grass beneath her, she screamed so loudly she nearly deafened herself before cursing him every foul word under the sun in seven different languages. That was how long it took for the intensity of her climax to subside.

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