10 Fascinating #Penis #Facts – No. 1 – You Can Break it!



1. You can break your penis.

I’m serious, you really can. Although there are no bones to be broken in the penis, if it gets horribly twisted or crushed when erect, the blood vessels inside may burst – and, yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s a pretty messy scenario all round. It is not somewhere you want swollen, bruised tissue. The most common causes of penis breakage? Vigorous masturbation and damage during sex. Ouch.

2. Foot Size is not indicative of Penis Size. 

Those tall men you dribble after with the really big feet? They don’t necessarily mean he’s big all over. Studies have found no correlation between penis size and foot size. They have found that the average penis lenth when soft and slightly stretched was around 5 inches.

3. The Penis is not a muscle.

N’uh uh. I know you’ve heard it called a love muscle but it’s factually incorrect. You can’t move it. Think of like a sponge with two twin chambers that fill up with blood when excitement comes along and then when it’s had some fun, the blood drains back into the body.

4. Sleeping Erections & Morning Glory

Most men have several erections throughout the night. Each can last up to 35 minutes in length. It’s very common for men to wake up with morning erections or ‘morning glory’ and it’s a good sign that everything is healthy and in good working order.

5. There are seven calories in a teaspoon of semen.

Relax girls, you’re not going to fat on that any time soon.

6. Complete lack of sexual activity may lead to a reduction in penis size.

That’s reason enough to make sure you get plenty of the good stuff, isn’t it?

7. Sperm can be used as an anti-wrinkle cream.

I’m not kidding. There are proteins in sperm which are very good for the skin, when rubbed in. C’mon, give it a go. You’ll know you’ll have fun…

8. Smoking can reduce the length of your penis.

By up to a centimetre. Who knew? Give it up now and keep your centimetre guys!

9. The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds.

Women get 23 seconds. Isn’t life unfair?

10. One man in four hundred is flexible enough to pleasure himself orally.

Now that, I’d love to see…




9 thoughts on “10 Fascinating #Penis #Facts – No. 1 – You Can Break it!

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  2. Once I got past number 1, I enjoyed this list :). I liked the good, solid science behind numbers 5 and 7… science backing up the fun! And yes, with number 9, life is proven to be very unfair. You ladies get nearly 4 times as long!!

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