#GRAMMAR 101 – Peaked or Piqued?


Today’s grammar lesson – Has Your Curiosity been Peaked or Piqued?


You want to use the word ‘peak’ don’t you? The peak of something, the apex, the top – well, sounds good, right? Wrong.

The correct term to use is ‘piqued.’  Her interest was piqued.

past tense: piqued; past participle: piqued
  1. 1.
    arouse (interest or curiosity).
    “with his scientific curiosity piqued, he was looking forward to being able to analyse his find”
    synonyms: stimulate, arouse, rouse, provoke, whet, awaken, excite, kindle, stir,spur, intrigue, galvanize


    Mid 16th century (denoting animosity between two or more people): from French piquer‘prick, irritate’.
    Definition courtesy of Google 😉
    Wanna play? Gimme your best ‘piqued’ sentence. Go on, dare you! xx

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