SEX TOY SURGE after #50Shades Trailer Released!

The Fifty Shades of Grey’s trailer has whipped up a sexual storm with online retailers, according to a report.

The steamy clip features the moment Mr Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, meets Anastasia Steele, portrayed by Dakota Johnson and then her slow descent into his figurative and literal dungeon.

Jamie Dornan makes his fully-fledged debut as the controlling billionaire with the odd kink, and when he’s not wearing his suit, he’s taking it off.

The racy film isn’t out until Valentine’s Day 2015 but one online retailer has reported a 55% increase in searches for sex toys in the 24 hours since the full length footage went live.

“When the Fifty Shades books came out, it relaxed our stiff British lips,” Skins condoms’ Jane Bowles told Daily Star. “Now seeing the x-rated action in the books come to life in the trailer, we expect this weekend to be really streamy.”

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Christina: Well, it’s about time we relaxed a little on the subject of sex isn’t it? Anyone would think it was an evil word…

I am curious, though. What do you think of the 50Shades trailers going around? Love ’em or hate ’em?

3 thoughts on “SEX TOY SURGE after #50Shades Trailer Released!

  1. I concur it’s about time we relaxed and enjoyed sex, more. 🙂 As for the trailer, it definitely looks more satisfying as movie than the books, so I will be amongst the flock migrating to the theaters to invest two hours and twenty bucks at some point… not opening day.

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