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YAY! Release day is here and A Rough Ride has finally managed to hit the shops. I’m bopping up and down with excitement here. This has been my longest project to date and I suspect the sequel will be an even longer one. I have a couple of projects on the go at the minute and both are keeping me delightfully busy 🙂

So, a little snippet to whet those taste buds? Let me see if I can find you something…


“See the beauty of the breeding frame? Try as she might, there is very little movement Petal can achieve within it. She cannot hurt herself, she cannot hurt others and I can continue the examination in confidence.” The vet was as good as his word and his hands stroked and kneaded all available flesh, from the tops of her thighs to the tips of her fingertips. Her upper back, neck and shoulders were manipulated under his efficient hands and, struggle as she might; it made no difference to his thorough inspection. When his fingers approached her mouth, however, Jenny ground her teeth over the bit before snapping at him. “Ahh, I wondered if you might prove difficult,” he said. Reaching inside his deep pocket once more, he pulled out what appeared to be a thick, rubber ring, with two studded leather straps attached to it. Jenny hadn’t a clue what he was showing her, but apparently the audience did as there were a few nods of appreciation.

“I can see you’re going to need calming down before we dress you up in your shiny latex suit but that can be arranged, I think, with a bit of audience participation. “Are there any volunteers?” He looked pointedly at the crowd gathered around him and most could be seen nodding their heads or raising their hands. Indicating the two men closest to him and beckoning them forward, he issued his instructions. “Handling a human pony can be a difficult business which will often require speed and agility, so I have a challenge for you. If you are successful in your task, I will allow you the reward of soothing Petal in her hour of need, gentlemen. What say you?” Both men nodded heartily and smiled. “One of you will need to remove her bit and bridle, while the other will need to squeeze her jaw open and insert this ring gag firmly inside her mouth, just behind her teeth. I need to examine her mouth and I am wary of doing so whilst she is in such a spirited mood.” Having said that, he dangled the gag in front of Jenny’s eyes and waited for someone to grab it. He didn’t have to wait long.

There was barely time to blink before fingers were hastily unbuckling the silver buckles of her bridle and trying to squeeze the bit from her mouth. She did not make it easy for them. Clamping her teeth firmly into the rubber she shook her head madly, as best as she was able, and made all manner of unladylike sounds. It didn’t make the least amount of difference as with a hard wrench one of the men before her pried it from her mouth, watching as she showered spittle over the spotless white floor in front of her. Wanting to scream bloody murder, but knowing that would give them exactly the leverage they needed, Jenny clamped her jaws firmly shut and continued thrashing her head around. The crowd were in fits of hysterics by now, but the only thought in Jenny’s head was the need to deny them access to her mouth. Realising what they shortly had planned for her, she was all for biting and chewing any piece of flesh that came her way but there was little she could do when a strong hand cupped her jaw and used its fingers to roughly lever her teeth apart. Even though the opening was only a few millimetres, the man used the space to the best of its advantage by threading the red, rubber ring inside her jaw horizontally, before tightening the leather straps behind her head which caused the ring to pop up vertically and force her mouth open wide. Yet again she hadn’t stood a chance.

After the men had received an appreciative round of applause, the vet continued his examination. Having donned a pair of clear latex gloves, a long mouth swab was already in his hand as he approached his patient’s face. “There, there, filly.” He patted her head. “I’m just going to take a look around and get a sample of your DNA. It’s nothing to worry about.” Lifting her face in one hand and pulling up her top lip in the other, he began to carefully inspect the area. His fingers pressed down upon her upper gums for a few seconds before they moved inside the ‘O’ of her gag and began to palpate her tongue gently. “I’m checking her mouth for pallor and moistness and her tongue for any signs of ulceration. You’ll be pleased to know she’s got some excellent colour and no abnormalities that I can see.” He dragged the swab through her mouth and replaced it in a test tube for safe keeping.

Jenny was being driven insane. She was wearing herself out with futile struggling and her body was already limp and lethargic from the rigours of the auction. She could hardly believe what these people were doing to her. What did they want with her DNA and how dare they take it without her permission?

“We take samples of all of our ponies DNA and blood. It can be useful to treat or diagnose illness and these particulars are often scrutinised by buyers before purchase, especially if they want to breed them.”

Especially if they want to what? Jenny did not hear the mumbled comments and general chatter of the people gathered around her after that little titbit of information. She was absolutely shell-shocked. If her jaw hadn’t been wired open, it would have hung so and quite unattractively. Breeding? They could not be serious. Goddamn! Alas, she could not even stamp her feet, spread apart as they were with the metal pole. Who were these people? What did they want with her? And where, for the umpteenth time, was her ticket out of here?

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Many thanks to everyone – readers, editors, fellow authors and friends. You’re the absolute best. <3

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