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Hello Wipians and Wipsters and welcome to #WIPITUP Wednesday – we have more cream than other Wednesday Blog Hop. It’s official.

OK, OK, I have good news. Not only do I have a half decent WIP (work in progress or unfinished book effort) but I also have a title. It’s called ‘Desiring Death.’ Weird title I grant you, but suits the Halloweeny feel out there 🙂 As I’m dealing with VAMPIRES (yep, you heard it here first, I’m going PARANORMAL…) death is going to be a feature. You know these alpha beast sorts…

Anyway, here’s the book cover for ‘Dancing with Death,’ which should give you some kind of indication on what you’re dealing with here and if you fancy a $0.99 really NAUGHTY read, then click on it and you will be taken to Masquerade, which is where you’ll find my little story along with seven others:




(Violetta can’t swim and has found herself, rather unfortunately, in the middle of a big ocean…)


Just Call Me God

“Make sure those hands stay where they are. If you feel your head slipping under the water, just flap them about a bit, like this.” He demonstrated what he meant by using his own two arms, stretching them out to his sides and moving them forwards and back in a gentle sweeping motion. She nodded her understanding. “Now that you’ve done all the hard work and aroused yourself, rather beautifully I might add, you’re all mine. I can do whatever I like to that body of yours and there isn’t a thing you can do about it, because if you deviate from that position you’re holding, you’ll sink and I believe I’ve already mentioned I won’t be rescuing you. However, if you allow me a little fun, then I’ll get you back to dry land shortly. For now, just buckle up and enjoy the ride.” He winked at her, and even that tiny, harmless little action had her body trembling with excitement. What was the beast going to do to her? Unsure whether to be scared or deliriously pleased at the thought of him having his wicked way with her, she could do nothing but wait expectantly for his next move and unfortunately, he was in no hurry.

“Orgasms are usually better when they’re delayed. It’s called edging. If I bring you to the point of near-climax and stop just as you’re peering over the cliff to the pathway of gratification, that will rev up your libido somewhat. If I do it several times, I’ll have you sobbing and begging for mercy. That should mean than when you finally achieve your goal, you’ll feel as if your whole body is imploding, from the inside out. Fortunately for you, I’m one of those people who has to do everything properly. Actually, that may be unfortunately for you, depending on your latter tolerance for pain, but we’ll talk about that later. I’m jumping ahead of myself.”

Violetta’s mind tried to process the sounds coming out of his mouth, but most of it flew in one ear to be immediately ejected by the other. There was a good reason for her lack of concentration. Her vampire had just positioned his body between her two, spread-wide legs and his hands were making their way underneath her sodden dress and slowly up her legs. Her immediate reaction was to close her legs and try her best to slap his hands out of the way. It didn’t matter that they’d agreed to have sex, actually doing it and having his hands on her was another matter entirely. As her legs began to close, though, her body began to quickly sink.

“Hold that stance, darling, or you’ll be diving  to the bottom of the ocean in short order.” This time she did hear his words, and as she felt her body begin to dip haphazardly in the middle, her bottom pulling the rest of her body downwards, she decided that it would be sensible to do exactly what he said for the time being. Her legs thrust themselves outwards once more and her arms stayed proudly perpendicular to her body. He had rendered her helpless in one easy move and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. She would have to endure whatever it was he was about to throw at her. It couldn’t be half as bad as drowning, could it? As his hands  once again reached under her skirt and slowly crept upwards, she began to wonder.

“I don’t even know your name,” she said, in a small little voice that couldn’t possibly have been hers, sounding all raspy and breathless.

“Michel,” he offered amiably enough, before adding, “but you may call me God.”

“Ha, ha, very funny,” she whispered, but once again her voice sounded wrong, for his hands had found the innermost tips of her thighs and were caressing the edges of her satin panties. It took all the strength she possessed to remember to hold her position and not squirm away from his tormenting fingers.

“Oh, believe you me, you will be calling me God before the night is out and that’s a promise.” He cast his gaze along her body, from the tips of her toes to the interesting glare that turned down the corners of her mouth and brightened the gleam of her shimmering violet eyes.  The effect was quite breath-taking, and had he been a creature that needed to breathe, she would surely have stolen every whisp of air inside him.

“You have no idea how beautiful you look like that, you know. All soft curves and beautifully outlined contours. Your dress looks like it’s been spray-painted on and with your nipples poking out like little homing beacons for my mouth, well, it does funny things to my insides, precious.” The glare deepened and he could see her body twitching, itching to move and run away from him as fast as her legs would carry her. Alas, that wouldn’t be an option for her any time soon. She was such an ungrateful thing, he thought. Most woman would happily die for his attention, and to be fair, plenty had when he been nothing more than a mere fledgling. She should be grateful he had a measure of control these days…



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  2. I can hear her now. “God.. oh… GOD!”
    Wait! That might be what I’m saying while I read Dancing with Death in Masquerade which I have to have right now! Yes, this very second it must become mine… ALL MINE! That hot ‘very naughty’ redhead you have on the cover had me scooping back up to the top of the page just to look at her. I must say, Christina, you find some of the best images to represent your characters. Violetta is most stunning, and Michel… oh my ‘dare I say it’ God!
    He reeks of dominance and control and… the way he talks about edging. (Gulp!)
    I think this is a first for me, but… I’m freakishly jealous of your heroine! I can hardly wait for you to finish ‘Desiring Death’.

    • I felt the need to come back here and pout a little… I was all fired up to read Masquerade right after I read all the Wip blogs today. But Noooo… I have to wait for a special delivery on November 2nd. At least I have some ponies to keep me in good spirits until then 😉

      • LMAO. So you mean to tell me you’ve come here to stamp your feet? Careful, you’ll be whisked away to the stables for some deportment training before you know it ~giggle~ — Loved your Saguineous snippet btw (hope I spelt that right arrgghh!) I’m still imagining that demon of yours… in my bed, spellbound and serving my every need. Dayum. You have a wonderful imagination 😀

      • Yikes.. no, no. I will be good. I will wait patiently with a happy smile on my face. As much as I adore your ponies, I don’t think I could ever be one. A handler or trainer… maybe 😉

  3. What a coincidence … my husband’s name is Michel and he likes to be called God, too! (Okay, okay it’s spelled Michael – close enough. 🙂 I’m seriously doubled over in laughter here!! Now if I only could get him to call me “precious”. hahahahaha! Great scene, as always, and I learned a new word … edging! Entertaining and educational!! Thanks, Christina!! 🙂

  4. I know edging! Use it all the time. It’s awesome. I had one scene go on for 3 chapters. Living on the edge, that’s what your writing always makes me think. So unique and extreme. I’m always eager to read your posts. Loved it.

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