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Hello and welcome to WIPIT Wednesday. We’re not about whips, well – sometimes we are, but works in progress… and I have foraged around in ‘Desiring Death’ and found some naughtiness for you. Hope you have fun with it 😉


Weapons of Destruction

His tongue returned to her luscious nest of curls and foraged greedily for the sweet nectar within. This time, he added a little more pressure, a tiny bit more friction and to make sure she felt it, a bit of G-spot stimulation. Inserting two fingers deep inside her, her bent them into a ‘C’ shape and began beckoning her towards him with firm strokes. She sobbed. She begged. She thrashed. She writhed. She pleaded. She moaned, and then she begged some more. “Come for me, baby,” he murmured against her wet flesh, “come screaming.” He clamped his mouth tightly around her and suckled her little clit, flicking at with his tongue until he felt the earth move. It was the ocean, to be more exact, and it was caused by Violetta’s flailing hands and thrashing limbs as she tossed around like a woman possessed. It seemed he’d found a woman with a bit of spirit, how utterly enchanting. He let her crash around happily, knowing that with his arm underneath her she wouldn’t come to much harm, but his lips he kept pressed to her crotch until the very end. From the first violent convulsions as she initially tumbled over the edge, until he felt the last and weakest paroxysm subside from her body, he revelled in her every tremor. Never had he seen anything more beautiful. His huntress was a sight to behold in her soaking wet dress, the outline of her body stunningly depicted in dark brown silk, and the red glow to her newly awakened face brought out something primal within him. He felt his cock strain against his trousers and bit back a moan of intense torment. He’d get his in a moment, one way or another.

Waiting until she managed to catch her breath back, and giving her not a moment more, he said, “You know you can stand up now, right, Vi? We’ve been in shallow water for the past ten minutes or so.” His purring kitten changed her spots in the twinkling of an eye. There was an almighty roar of malcontent, some more splashing as she found her feet and then some fierce eye-balling as she made directly for him, her hands shaped into rather unattractive claws. His hellcat looked magnificent. The dress was now a second skin, her eyes radiated a decadent, lush heat that only just been awakened and her hair, plastered tightly around her face gave her a fantastically sleek, sylphlike look. His mouth watered.

Oh, the things he was going to do to her when he got her back to his place. Imprison her, tie her up, deny her, tease and torment her. He was going to do all that and more. He was going to drive her insane, just as she had done to him and when he finally tipped her over the edge, he’d let her kill herself, if he was feeling generous. His desire for revenge was never very far from his thoughts and he intended to get even. There was a lot of hard work to get from this point in time to that, so he guessed he’d better get on with things, but at least his morose mood appeared to have lifted. Finally his life had purpose, goals and… a beautiful woman with which to play with.


He decided the best and quickest course of action to get him where he wanted to go, was to lead her to the shoreline. Wading quickly out of the waist-deep water, he limbered up his muscles, bringing his knees up high for a few strides, ready to take off when she managed to get close enough. The frantic splashing from behind told him all he needed to know. So he began to run, but took his time and adopted an unhurried pace. His huntress would be feeling a little tired from the evening’s strenuous pursuits so far, and he didn’t want her to expend all of her energy just yet. She’d be needing a great deal of it in short order and he wanted to be shown a good time.

His feet hit the soupy, syrupy sludge of the shallows, but his toes had no time to wallow in the sand. He had a huntress on his back and she was coming at with considerably more speed than he’d counted on. He upped his pace. It wouldn’t hurt to tire her out a little bit, he supposed. After all, she was after his blood.

He tossed his head over his shoulder and estimated that she was about five metres or so away from him. He figured he’d wind her up a touch and raised his voice so that it carried loud enough to be heard behind him. “Out of curiosity, why are you chasing me?”

“Because I’m going to kill you,” she roared and her hands were still in those interesting-shaped claws she’d formed earlier. He observed that she had the most incredibly long, bright pink nails and thought they should be one of the first things he got rid of, when he had her safely stowed away. The woman could take an eye out with those things, and while he was a vamp and he did heal, certain injuries were more painful than others.

“With what? Your bare hands? Good luck with that.” He sent her a playful wink. Many had tried, all had failed. He couldn’t help but grin as she frantically slapped at her thighs. Ah ha, this is my vision, cherie, and I’ve had enough of stakes and knives for the time being. Her face suddenly lost all of its colour as she realised she was unarmed and unable to deal with the large threat that he presented.

“Oh, God.” Though his huntress was breathing hard, the words were clearly audible and the horror that surrounded them was unmistakeable. It seemed she was a lady who rarely went anywhere without her weapons of destruction. Oops.

Masquerade Lg


The first book in my paranormal romance series, ‘Evading Death,’ can be found in the MASQUERADE anthology which is due out on the 11.2.2014. The second book  is well under way and will hopefully be finished in a few weeks or so 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. oops indeed! Brilliant build up of tension and heat and honestly, I love a heroine who just doesn’t take it all lying down, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’d stake my life the next scene is an absolute scorcher. Yum.

  3. Loved the HEAT and the humor in this one! “The woman could take an eye out with those things …” What a great comment from a vamp about her long, bright pink nails! I like these two! Hot, feisty and funny! 🙂

  4. He gives her a fan-freaking-tastic orgasm like that and then she wants to rip his head off? Sheeshh…. I know she’s a vampire killer and all but, still. Kind of reminds me of the spider who kills her mate after they breed.
    I do love how he’s toying with her though, making her chase him while he contemplates what he’s going to do when he gets her back to his place.
    Oh yeah, I wanna’ see him get his ☺ Is it 11.2 yet?

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