#WIPIT Wednesday with Melody Parks – Desiring Death #CoverReveal #Vampire



Hello Wipidoodians, Wipsters, Wiptarians, Wipinions and all other variants in between. Wip Wednesday means it must be time for naughtiness and I have just the thing! A cover reveal for DESIRING DEATH and a little snippet. WHIPEE!



“Why aren’t you dead?” Turning her head swiftly, making sure she did not look upon his beautiful face, she let anger flow hotly through her veins. Why couldn’t this dreadful beast be stopped? Was he truly immortal? If that were the case, she was already damned to eternity and the hell beyond.

“Give me your hand, precious.” He reached out five elegantly long fingers and beckoned her forward to emphasize his point. She stared at him, horror-struck and appalled.

“You are so pathetically easy to read, darling, that it’s almost laughable. “You can’t escape me. Deep down, you know that. You can fight me, but you also know I’d enjoy that. If you give me any trouble, I’ll simply knock you out.” He raised his eyebrows and looked at her intently. “Would you prefer that? Not knowing what might happen to that amazingly beautiful body of yours, whilst your mind is hidden away in the depths of unconsciousness?” The last sentence was whispered in her ear as his hand snaked out to grab her wrist and pull her sharply into his body. He ran his hand over her naked buttocks, caressing the belt lines from earlier and then pressed down upon them. Violetta couldn’t help a bleat of complaint. They stung like fire.

“Mmm. You’ll feel those, and the latter ones I’m going to give you tonight for a couple of days. Will you earn yourself any more this week, I wonder?” He gave her rounded butt cheek a swift nip and was entertained when she spun around to face him, white-hot rage burning through her violet eyes. “How does it feel to be parading yourself around the streets of Venice with no panties?” His hand leisurely explored the globes of her ass before let a single finger dip to the valley in-between them. He ran it slowly downwards and noted her very visible trembling. “Quite decadent, I suspect.” His finger slid down to her sex and dipped inside to test the waters. She squeaked in mortification and tried to pull away, but his tight, immoveable grip held her fast. “I don’t think I will allow you to wear panties ever again, princess, although that may not be saying much as your life-span could be likened to a ticking time-bomb.” His finger, now generously lubricated, circled the tight little hole of her sphincter and twist as she might, she could not escape it. “You’ll certainly have to be on your best behaviour, I fear. If you annoy me, I’ll probably kill you. If your performance upsets me, I’ll kill you. If you bore me, I’ll most certainly kill you. I’d say the odds of a long and eventful life are looking less than favourable.” The tip of his finger burrowed inside her and she squawked in alarm, wriggling like mad to try and avoid his explorations.

“You can’t do this here,” she mumbled in shock, feeling his finger work its way inside her, unsure as to whether she want to slap him or fall into a puddle of desire at his feet. She needed to concentrate, but her body had turned into a pile of uncoordinated mush.

“Oh, I believe I already am, cherie. I can do anything I like, anywhere and with anyone I choose. Pulling the hard point of a nipple, that had been taunting him through the sheer outline of her dress, he laughed as another pitiful squeak left her lips.

Woman vampire bite

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13 thoughts on “#WIPIT Wednesday with Melody Parks – Desiring Death #CoverReveal #Vampire

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  2. The tension between these two is really winding up. The fact that they kind of want to kill each other is hot, yet their bodies both yearn for something entirely different.
    The redhead on the cover is sublime. I can’t wait for this to be published. ☺

  3. Okay – I bought the anthology last week. Why, oh why, haven’t I found the time to read this story yet? No long comments from me, because instead, I’m just going to run off to read your story. 🙂

  4. you really know how to push the boundaries, Christina. I’m shocked, horrified and turned on as hell all at once. Very powerful writing.
    Sorry for the delay in the comment – Living in the sticks has it’s disadvantages and I had no broadband for a couple of days.

    • No need to apologise LOL – I am also in the sticks and have been with intermittent internet for the last three days. Grrr. Technology is all very well when it works!! 🙂

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