Welcome once again to WIP IT UP Wednesday! I’m here  today , with another excerpt from ‘Desiring Death,’ – you know the scene, the one I’ve been hinting at for ages – Violetta’s tied to the bed and… well, you’ll just have to read on!

On another note, I’ve tried my hand at cover design today for the first time ever! I’ve had so much fun. The cover down below is for another project that will probably involve Monsieur Martinet. Any thoughts? Too boring, not striking enough, you coulda done this and you might try that comments are much appreciated. I suspect it has a long way to go, but I’m mightily proud of my first ever effort. (Which basically means, I got the measurements right and it almost looks like a book cover… don’t want to be too hard on myself, ok?) GRIN.



OK – so here goes, plenty of sex as promised!!!


A Bedtime Story

There was no time to buckle up. Her whole body floated downwards, to be greeted by the soft crimson satin below. She tried to fight his hold over her, desperately trying to avoid the smooth, silky sheets that graced his bed, but her body was no longer under her command. She took a fleeting moment to wonder if it ever would be again.

“Do you want to fight me, princess? Do you want to slam those little fists of yours against my chest and call me names?”

She didn’t answer him. Her voice was locked away within her throat once more, at his request. He had obviously heard enough this evening. Her job was to lay there and look pretty, she guessed. Oh dear God.

Black ropes slithered up her limbs, and they coiled around her flesh in a serpentine fashion, winding themselves tighter and tighter, tugging at her limbs. No.

“I want you spread wide open for me, Violetta. That way you’ll be ready to be taken at a moment’s notice. I’ll also be able to see how aroused you are for me, and I think you like this body of mine, don’t you, Vi?

Her grunt of protest remained trapped inside her head, but she knew he heard it.

“Oh, I know you find me attractive. Now we’re going to work on needs, wants and desires. I’m going to train you to be desperate for the slightest touch my hand may choose to bestow upon your flesh. We’re going to work on making you a hungry, panting, pathetic little slave who lives for nothing more than to pleasure and serve the capricious notions of her master. I’ve developed quite an overactive imagination over the years, I’ll have you know. We’re going to have so much fun together, you and I.”

The words were lost in her head, but they echoed over and over. The rope was reeling her arms and legs tightly into the wooden corners of the four poster bed and she was beginning to resemble a large ‘X’ shape. Try as she might, bracing her arms and legs against the firm tugs did not help in the slightest. Finally, she was splayed out to the ropes satisfaction and the pressure against her wrists and ankles lessoned slightly.

Martinet ran his index and middle finger up and around the small ridge of her ankle. He watched intently as she sucked in air. At this moment in time she did not like his fingers upon her. Her body called her liar, though, and trembled at the ridiculously light touch.

His fingers then dived under the glistening organza of her gown and crept up a shapely calf. Tiny little steps that did little more tickle her, but she got noticeably more nervous as they tiptoed higher and higher.

“You never thanked me for the arm, you know.”

Violetta told him, in no uncertain terms, just what he could do with his thank you.

“Tsk, tsk. A lady never swears.” He grinned at her, letting the pads of his fingers brush up against the delicate skin of her inner thigh. The nervous pounding of her heart and the flush of heat that turned her cheeks from alabaster to cherry almost instantly, told him all he needed to know. His fingers wandered higher.

“Don’t. Stop.” The whispered plea inside her head was frantic.

“Oh, I don’t intend to,” he said, deliberately misunderstanding her and without warning his hand cupped the heat of her sex. She rose up into him and gasped. It appeared that her body was once again under her control. Oh who was she kidding? The vamp played her better than Hendrix played the guitar. He knew when to stroke, when to cajole and, more importantly, when to strike.

“My goodness, you’re not wearing any panties,” he exclaimed with a devilish gleam in his eyes. “Why you wanton little…” Martinet didn’t finish his last word. Now that Violetta had regained the use of her voice, she was about to use it at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately Martinet was once again one step ahead of her, and his face was rapidly descending towards hers. The scream that had been bursting to escape just seconds ago, curdled in her throat. Her body pulled against the ropes. Not to get away from him, as it should have, but to move closer. She wanted those talented lips on hers. She wanted his hands on her fevered, naked flesh and already, she craved the intense pleasure that he could so easily bestow upon her. Covering her lips with his own, he breathed her in. She, on the other hand, couldn’t breathe at all. His hands were running up her arms, tracing delicate, rambling patterns on her flesh, while his tongue might have been forked like a dragon’s, for it spilled sparkling flames of fire wherever it landed. The ropes rubbed tightly against her wrists and ankles, but she didn’t give a damn. She drank him in whole and writhed sinuously underneath his body, begging for more of the same.


The first part of this story is available in the anthology ‘Masquerade.’ Click the piccie below for more details 😉

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8 thoughts on “#WIPIT WEDNESDAY with Melody Parks – TIED TO THE FOUR POSTER #BDSM

  1. Gezus! The chemistry between these two is insatiable. I just decided Martinet is my new book boyfriend.
    This line ““Do you want to fight me, princess? Do you want to slam those little fists of yours against my chest and call me names?” (Got me all excited!) ☺
    I think you did a wickedly good job with your first cover. Is that blood dripping from the VS? If so have it drip down further. That would be my only suggestion. I love the Witch on the cover… god, you find the hottest chicks.

  2. My suggestion is the same as Mel’s. I’d like to see the blood drip down further on the VS if possible … and may I say you certainly put together an outstanding cover! Of course it’s hard to think NOW THAT I CAN’T BREATHE! This was certainly worth waiting for … and I love both of their personalities! He played her like Hendrix plays the guitar? Nice one, Christina! 🙂

  3. Okay – that’s it. I’ve been insanely busy and haven’t had time to read your story yet in Masquerade, but tomorrow! (After which I’ll probably drum my fingers impatiently waiting for you to finish this bit so I can devour that too!)

    And I’m so impressed at your cover. Those are great fonts! (I’m not sure if it’ll work better, but the rectangle on the bottom, where your name is? What if it’s in red? Would it stand out more? The grey of the rectangle blends into the background of the image, a little bit, which could have, of course, been your intention.) Also – what’d you use to design your covers? Photoshop, Gimp or something else?

    • Haha! I did try it in red – great minds as they say… but it’s still under construction so I’ll keep playing about. I used Photoshop for the design…but there’s so much to learn. Must get myself a how-to book LOL. It’s all good fun… 🙂

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