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Hello and welcome to WIPIT Wednesday – and yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s VAMPS and HUNTRESSES. I’m now over half way through the book’s first edit and so far, so good.

So what have I got for you today? A huntress who thinks she’s been bitten and a vampire, who knows she hasn’t. Oh – and SARCASM. Lots of sarcasm…


Slowly raising his eyes to hers, he said, “So I guess that means you can cross stakes, silver, and holy water off your list of rapidly diminishing, death-delivering items.” The words came out reasonably steadily, and for that he was thankful. The garlic oil was beginning to do its thing upon his legs and in quite spectacular fashion, but he still managed his trademark smile at the end of the sentence. Only a fellow vampire would have been able to spot the tiny strains of discomfort that had begun to tighten his facial expression.

“You bit me,” she accused, aghast, and her mouth was pulled back in a grimace of horror.

“Oh, do keep up,” he said with a tired sigh. “I pretended to bite you. That little morsel of fun happened only inside your head. The real thing is far better, and if you’re a good girl, I might even give you a demonstration.” There was no accompanying smile after that sentence, and didn’t that say it all?

“No, you bit me, earlier.” Her voice was rising and sounded slightly hysterical. “My knife,” she pointed to the blade below her feet, “is covered in blood. My shoulder stings. You bit me.”

“Pumpkin,” he sighed. “You’d know if I bit you. There’d be a post-orgasmic, flashing blue lights, shocked-at-the-brilliance of the world type of aura about you. All you’ve had is a knife plunged into your shoulder. If you’re hankering after a set of puncture wounds, though, I’m sure I can oblige.” He used his index finger to beckon her forward and displayed a set of prominent fangs for her benefit. “It’s jolly good…”

“Fine.” She managed to get her trembling hands under control and she used them to smooth her auburn waves carefully around her face. Rearranging the long folds of her dress, which had become decidedly rumpled as she’d worn them dangling around her face for the duration of the spanking, she then took great care to pick up the knife by its unsullied handle and looked at it with displeasure.

“You be a good girl and give it to your friends, now. You know exactly what will happen if you don’t, princess.” He waved her back into the ballroom beyond, where a lively orchestral tune had just struck up. Her face turned to the lights streaming through the open doors and he knew she wanted to make a break for the safety of the walls within. She had much to learn. Nowhere would be safe for her anymore. In fact, safety would not be a usable word in her vocabulary from this night forth. “After you’ve finished with your death buddies, come back here and we’ll go party at mine. I’ll show you what you’ve been missing all these years.” He unearthed his fangs again for good measure, and curled his tongue around a sharp point.

He knew she had to bite down the urge to scream at him. It would have been immensely entertaining had he not been coping with third degree burns.

“You wouldn’t want to give me any hints or tips on how to remove that arrogant head of yours from your body, would you?” Her voice held a simpering, sweet quality and her little girl antics made him want to throw her down on the ground and cover her entire body with grass stains.

“What can I say?” He shrugged. “You’ll probably need to take a step into the other side of life to find out though, precious. You’ll never kill me as a human.”

“You’re the most vile and loathsome creature, I’ve ever met, Martinet. Using my fantasy was a low blow. Sexy stranger you may be, but you were hardly a knight-in-shining-armour. Next time you grope around for fantasies inside my head, make sure you do the job properly,” she barked.

“You came didn’t you? What more do you want? Rose petals and a fanfare? Tell you what, next time I’ll get out the horse and carriage and we can go for a proper ride…” Martinet didn’t bother continuing. He was presented with her back as she stomped off and damned if she didn’t have a mighty fine ass to ogle.

“Your performance was appalling, by the way.” She did not raise her voice to utter the condemning statement, but she was well aware that she didn’t need to. What was it with women who always needed to get the last word in?

He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, “Good job I’ll be getting plenty of practise in later then, isn’t it?” He had to raise his voice quite significantly to make sure he could be heard by her inferior ears. No reply was forthcoming, but he knew she’d heard him by the stiffening of her neck and the tightening of her fingers. Alas, she didn’t quite manage to hide the infuriated shriek that burst forth from her lips and refused to be stoppered by both of her similarly maddened hands. Increasing her already rather face pace, she continued to stalk off towards the welcoming light of the ballroom, giving him not so much as a second glance.



Has that whet your appetite for more? GOOD!

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10 thoughts on “#WIPIT Wednesday with Melody Parks –

  1. Good, God, Yes it made me want more. In fact I want the whole story, right now! The sarcasm and witty banter these two share is enthralling to say the least. It’s like a love hate love relationship. Or maybe that should be lust hate lust with eventual love tossed in for good measure.
    Since both of them seem to be rather dominant, I can’t wait to see who wins out in the end.
    Awesome sauce excerpt, Christina. So glad to have you on Wipitup ☺

  2. There are some serious sparks flying off my computer right now. I’m not normally a big vampire fan, but I’m very taken with the back and forth between these two. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  3. “Oh, do keep up,” he said with a tired sigh. – This line finally gave me his visual – completely wrong but for some reason in my head he looks like – ready for it – Prof Snape!

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